Exchange students and Erasmus mobility

With over 1,000 Erasmus+ agreements with Programme and Partner Countries, as well as more than 600 cooperation agreements with 177 universities across the world, the University or Turin strongly encourages and supports students’ mobility across countries and disciplines.

The Erasmus+ exchange programme allows students currently studying at a European university to spend part of their study period in a partner university. 

International exchanges are open to students currently studying at institutions outside Europe. See the full list of all available agreements.


Discover all the advantages of choosing Turin for your exchange programme:

Covid-19 - information for incoming exchange student

This section provides information about the current outbreak of the COVID-19 and the University's response about international exchanges (incoming students at UniTo). The content of this page is updated as the situation changes, so visit the page frequently. 


Information for 2020-2021 exchanges

The University of Turin has approved the Guidelines for international exchanges 2020-2021 within the Erasmus programme or any other international exchange programmes.


Information for 2019-2020 exchanges


To be able to spend an exchange mobility period at the University of Torino (as an Erasmus+ or International exchange student) your home university must have an active bilateral agreement with Unito in the subject area of your studies. Your home university must also nominate you officially for an exchange place under the terms of this agreement (e.g.: total number of students, months of mobility, study level, etc…).


Nomination deadlines for partner University (not students):

  • Winter semester/Full Year: 15th June 2020
  • Spring semester: 15th November 2020
Application form and registration 2020-2021

The online application form for incoming students 2020-2021 is now open.


Read the instructions and fill out the application form within the following deadlines:

  • Winter semester/Full Year: 20th July 2020
  • Spring semester: 30th November2020


For technical difficulties in registering with the portal contact help and support

For technical difficulties with the exchange application form contact


The International Mobility Office will check your application and will get in touch with you we have any queries regarding your application. Only applications from officially nominated students in the frame of current existing agreements will be accepted.


If you plan to spend your study abroad period in the frame of a double degree programme at the University of Turin, you will be contacted directly with further specific information in due time. The above-mentioned deadlines do not apply to you. Only double degree students who will be studying at the Department of Management and Department of Economics, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics – ESOMAS must apply as described above.

Academic Information – courses, exams and transcripts
Course catalogue

You can choose courses from your main host department and school. You can also choose courses in other departments as long as you are authorised by the relevant Professor. To attend courses no registration is required unless specified (e.g. for seminars, laboratories, language courses, small classes etc…).

Italian is the main language of instruction of most courses. There is also a large range of courses taught in English or in some other modern languages. You can find course information such as content, language of instruction, credits and more through our courses search tool.

Learning Agreement – Study plan

The Learning Agreement – Study Plan is the document listing all the courses you wish to attend and sit exams for during your mobility period. This document has to be approved and signed by your home University and your relevant Exchange Coordinator at UniTO. You can find the name of the relevant exchange coordinator in the online application form or in the bilateral agreement.

A learning agreement is mandatory only for Erasmus students. International exchange students are highly recommended to compile one.

Make sure to contact professors before arriving, especially in case of particular study projects, such as internships or thesis research. The deadline to have your Learning Agreement – Study Plan signed depends from your home university schedule. In any case, however, both institutions must approve any changes well before the start of the exam sessions at UniTO.

Students assigned to the following Departments must send their Learning Agreement only to the following email addresses:

All other students can find contact details below:

Online courses plan (piano carriera)

The piano carriera for new incoming students will be open in October 2019.

In order to take exams it is compulsory to complete and submit an online Courses Plan (Piano Carriera) in your MyUnito personal page. In your Piano Carriera you will need toinclude all the courses listed in your Learning Agreement – Study Plan. Italian language courses for incoming exchange students do not have to be included in your Career plan. They will be included in the Transcript of records directly by the International Mobility Office.

General courses calendar:

  • 1st semester: Mid September - Mid December
  • 2nd semester: End February - End May
Exams (Appelli)

Exam sessions are called “Appelli”. To sit an exam you must register online choosing from a range of dates available in each exam session (usually three). For further information, please read: 


General exams calendar:

  • 1st semester: January –February
  • 2nd semester: June –July; September
Transcript of records

At the end of your mobility period, once all the exams you took are registered on your online career plan, the International Exchange Office will issue a transcript of records including the timeframe of your exchange period, results of your exams and an explanation about credit transfer. This document is sent by email only to the relevant office at your home university.


For any further detailed information on academic matters, see the Incoming Exchange Students Handbook.

Italian language courses

Each semester the University of Turin gives the possibility to attend a 5 ECTS 40-hour Italian language course. This course is for Erasmus, international exchange and double degree students only.
You can choose between 3 different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). For intermediate and advanced courses only, previous language knowledge will be assessed by a written entry test at the beginning of the course or, if the course has already started, during the first lesson that you will attend.


The 5 ECTS credits are registered only if you pass the final exam.


For further opportunities to learn Italian visit the Italian language courses web page.

Second semester courses 2019-2020

This semester the following courses will be available:

  • beginner level - 3 courses
  • intermediate level - 4 courses
  • advanced level - 1 course.

Check the timetable (last update on 24th February 2020)


How to register to courses
Choose the most suitable course for you and write an email to the teacher in charge of the course. In the subject line, write the name of the course you chose and then include the following information in your email:

  • name and surname 
  • home University
  • matricola number (if available)
  • type of mobility (Erasmus for studies, Erasmus for Traineeship, worldwide exchange ecc).

If one course is full, teachers themselves will direct you to another class.

Orientation Welcome day

Each semester incoming students are welcome to take part to the general orientation meetings to acquire useful information about the University services, student life and living in Turin.

It is also a great way to meet other international students and the Buddy Team of UniTO.


The second semester orientation welcome day take place on 20th February 2020 at the Main Hall (Aula Magna) of the Cavallerizza Reale. Further details will be announced soon.

Practical information

You can find full information on accommodation, visa, residence permit, health and insurance on the section Living in Turin.

Erasmus+ Traineeship

All traineeships within the Erasmus+ programme or any other international exchange programmes are suspended for the first semester 2020-2021 (September 2020 - February 2021) for both undergraduate and graduate students. The University reserves the right to extend the decision to second semester exchanges should the global situation require it.


The Erasmus+ Traineeship programme enables students currently enrolled in higher education institutions or recent graduates to carry out a traineeship period abroad (from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months) in one of the Erasmus programme countries.


To be able to carry out your traineeship at UniTO, you first need to be selected by your sending higher education institution. Traineeship activities are arranged together with the Erasmus coordinator or another relevant Professor at the UniTO department of your interest. The coordinator will give you all the necessary details about entry requirements, availability of places and time schedule. You can send an email with your CV as well as all the information about your plans and interests you can provide (schedule, your study plan, etc...). Please make sure you contact the department well in advance of your planned starting date.


Once you get the approval of the UniTO coordinator, you can contact the International Exchange Office at to complete your registration as trainee.

You can find a supervisor in the area of your interest via the department’s website. 


If you wish to carry out a traineeship as part of your Erasmus+ for Studies placement, you will need to apply as a regular Erasmus+ for study exchange student.

Buddy Project and Student associations
Buddy Project

Through the Buddy project “Do you need suppor-TO?” incoming international students get in touch with UniTO students. Our Buddies will help you find your way in the University of Turin’s community. They will help you with the arrival procedures, learn more about your prospective courses and adapt to the new context. You will be contacted by email from one of our Buddies before or soon after your arrival.

For further details: Buddy project

Student Associations

Student Associations organize tours, events and visits in Torino and Italy and they can support international students in finding information about the University of Turin and seeking accommodation. For further information visit:

Students with disabilities

The University of Turin ensures that the necessary facilities and services are in place for students with disabilities so that you will be able to participate fully in both the academic and social life at UniTO.


Students with disability can visit the relative web page and can contact the International Office via email at

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