UNITA – Universitas Montium

The UNITA - Universitas Montium is part of the Erasmus+ "European Universities" project which aims to trigger institutionalised cooperation between higher education institutions, making it systemic, structural and sustainable. UNITA partners are strongly committed to sharing and implementing common values for an innovative, European and future-oriented university. 


UNITA is committed to being open, inclusive and effective, promoting:

  • excellence in teaching and learning strongly committed to their rural and cross-border mountain territories
  • multilingualism promoting Romance languages and Inter-comprehension as inclusive instruments
  • mustainability: research and innovation in renewable energies, cultural heritage, circular economy, in particular bioeconomy, to strengthen their rural communities
  • European citizenship awareness of the challenges of climate change and of the importance of diversity in our common cultural heritage
  • participation: student and staff involvement for responsible institutions fostering personal development

UNITA partners are located in rural and cross-border mountain regions, wish to actively enhance Romance languages in addition to English and they share innovative educational and research areas, especially in the fields of renewable energies, cultural heritage, and the circular economy.


UNITA partners include: