Students with disabilities

If you are a student with permanent or temporary disability, the University of Turin offers educational and/or technical aids and specialized services in order to facilitate inclusive contexts and the full participation in the several aspects of the university life. Incoming students on Erasmus or international mobility period can benefit too from these services and support.

First welcome for students

If you are attending the last year of high school, you can already contact us in order to get in contact with the university, to understand your needs and the available support services. You can also be supported during the entrance in your UniTo path. Send an email to [email protected].

We are waiting for you!

International mobility

We can support you in different aspects, if you want to participate in the initiatives on international exchange organized by the University.

  • Erasmus+/international mobility incoming: if you are an international student on Erasmus or international mobility period at UniTo, you can receive educational and/or technical aids and specialized services and support. Your home university shall inform the University of Turin about your special needs status and you will receive specific information. In case your home University does not inform the University of Turin, you can contact [email protected] for further assistance.
  • Erasmus+ outgoing: together with the competent offices, we can help you to present your needs to the receiving University and verify the possible services which you can benefit from. It is possible to request also an extra financing for special needs; you can find further information on the Erasmus+ for people with disability/special needs webpage (in Italian).
  • UNITA Virtual Mobility: you can benefit from our services also when attending the courses of the foreign universities which are participating in the "UNITA Universitas Montium" project.When participating in the call, you can benefit from extra points in order to appear in the ranking.
Exemptions for students with disabilities

Information about exemptions and refunds provided by the university, including those in favour of students with disability.