Passi@UniTo - Counseling for international students

What is Passi@UniTo
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Passi@UniTo is a pilot project of the University of Turin aiming at encouraging the presence and improving the integration process of international students enrolled at UniTO within the academic community and on the territory, with a special focus on students coming from non-EU countries characterized by educational, school and social models that are culturally different from the European ones.


Launched in June 2019 thanks to funds by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research in the framework of similar projects previously carried out at the University of Turin (the UNRESST network  – UNITO for Refugee Students and Scholars Turin and the UNIT-EDU project), Passi@UniTo is a psychological counseling service aiming at listening and understanding practical and emotional difficulties that students may face during their study and life experience in Turin.


The counseling service is free and can be requested by email at [email protected].

Who is Passi@UniTo for

The counseling service is addressed to all international students of the University of Turin.


In view of the current Covid-19 situation, the service is extended to all international students enrolled in a degree course or involved in a mobility project at the University of Turin, who are experiencing personal and emotional concerns that may be related to study or to their experience in Turin in general.

How to access the service

You can make an appointment by emailing the counselling team at [email protected] and specifying your name and surname, nationality and phone number.


You will be contacted by the counselling team for further information on the service and to schedule a first online or face-to-face session.


The service is free and is available in Italian and in the following foreign languages: English, French, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi.