studentessa appena laureata con la tesi di laurea e un mazzo di fiori in mano

A university degree course concludes when students are awarded their degree certificates. The final stage of this process is normally:

  • writing a thesis or report - for undergraduate degree courses
  • writing and presenting a thesis or dissertation - for 5/6-year postagraduate degree andpostgraduate degree courses.

Graduation regulations govern:

  • how the event is carried out
  • how the final mark is calculated - including previous coursework and thesis, as well as other relevant factors.

A minimum mark of 66/110 is required to qualify for the Bachelor's or Master's degree certificate and the maximum mark is 110/110, although honours can also be awarded. In addition to honours, a distinction or dignity may be awarded by unanimous consent and in accordance with individual course regulations.


Lecturers can check the originality of theses and dissertations using university dedicated software.

Graduation requirements

In order to graduate you must:

  • have paid your fees up to the last year you were enrolled
  • have taken all the exams present in your latest approved study plan, within the deadlines
  • have agreed on your thesis title with your thesis lecturer before applying to graduate
  • apply to graduate and pay the graduation fee
  • fill in the undergraduate questionnaire on the Almalaurea website.
Graduation sessions

Three graduation sessions are scheduled:

  • first session: May to July
  • second session: September to December
  • third session: February to April

You do not have to pay the first instalment of the following academic yearif you plan to graduate by the third session of the academic year.


However, if you postpone your graduation beyond this deadline, you must:

  • enrol for the new academic year
  • pay the first and second instalments (which are the full amount if you do not have the ISEE certificate) and penalty for late payment.

If you need more information about graduating (forms, deadlines, session calendars, how to write your thesis, etc.):

  • select your course and access the detail tab
  • find the course website
  • continue: Graduation / Thesis and Degree on the course website home page (Laurearsi / Tesi e laurea)
Information about the thesis title page and printing

The thesis has a cover page and thesis title page.

Cover colours can vary so you should check with your lecturer if the Department has given any indication as to which colour you can use.

Use plain colours if indications are unavailable, eg:

  • if dark, colours such as blue, dark green, burgundy
  • if light, colours such as light grey, beige and light blue.

Colours used for printing are usually gold, silver, black and blue.

For students: the thesis title page

The thesis title page is the first page.

University students should use the official university thesis template.

For copy shops: thesis cover

Copy shops that need to print dissertations for University of Turin students must fill in the online form to obtain the "Thesis Kit" with materials needed for producing thesis covers.

Registering degree results online (for lecturers)

Degree results are registered online for all undergraduate, 5/6-year postgraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

Committees can consult and manage their meetings via MyUniTo Teacher (Courses / Degree Commissions).