Insurance services

The insurance services of the University of Turin provide cover against risks associated with institutional teaching and research activities, and cover the structures of the University (real estate assets and equipment).


The main policies available are:

  • accidents policy which covers individuals against accidents and occupational diseases
  • third party liability policy which covers against damage involuntarily caused to other persons , including death, personal injuries and damage to property and animals.


The categories eligible for insurance cover are:

  • students (including those on temporary bursaries such as, for example, “scholarships of 150-200 hours”, stays abroad for international mobility, those registered in post-graduate and master courses, internationally mobile students at the University of Turin)
  • non-tenured professors
  • holders of scholarships financed by various funds
  • PhD students with or without a scholarship
  • holders of scholarships for post- doctoral research activities
  • those enrolled in post-graduate schools
  • post-graduate apprentices pursuing a professional licence
  • civil service volunteers
  • temporary research associates
  • drivers and people transported by vehicles of the University (limited to accidents policy; the damage resulting from driving the vehicles is covered by the third party car insurance policy)
  • employees of the University authorized to use their personal transport vehicle for professional purposes  (limited to accidents policy; the damage resulting from driving the vehicles is covered by the third party car insurance policy)


The employees of the University and the graduates who participate in the extra-curricular apprenticeships, promoted by the University, are covered against accidents by INAIL (National Institute of Insurance against Labour Accidents). Coverage against risks resulting from third party liability falls among the services provided by the University. The information on extra-curricular apprenticeships is available at the Apprenticeships and internships page.


Attendees – subjects that carry out activities within and/or access, for various reasons, the structures of the University and who are not already employees or students of the University (e.g. degree holders, diploma holders, visiting professors, experts on the subject, long-term consultants, etc.) - must take out accidents and third party liability insurance policies at their own expense.


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