Enrolment procedure

To get started
  • Matriculation: first enrolment at University
  • Enrolment: signing up for the admission tests to courses with a national and local restricted number of places, enrolment for the years following the first one for each first cycle degree course, enrolment for second cycle degree courses, second qualifications, master courses, specialization courses and schools, educational courses and vocational training and single courses.


In this page you can find all the information necessary to choose your study course in UniTo. Consult this section regularly for updates and follow us on the university’s social media.


First of all, you need to register on the internet portal. If you do not have any SPID access credentials, you need to obtain them by following the indications on the SPID website. To register on the portal, follow the indications contained in the page Portal registration instructions.

Academic year 2022-2023

See also the Italian version for updates.



First guidelines

Some a.y. 2022-2023 teaching guidelines have been recently approved. They are useful to have a first idea about how next year's teaching activities will be managed.


Read more in the notice.

It is now possible to enrol for two degree courses at the same time

The Italian Law 12 aprile 2022 n. 33 gives the chance to enrol for two different undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees and University masters at the same time, at more than one university and AFAM (Higher Education on Arts and Music and Theatre), both Italian and foreign. Further details in the notice (in Italian).