Enrolment procedure

To get started
  • Matriculation: first enrolment at University
  • Enrolment: signing up for the admission tests to courses with a national and local restricted number of places, enrolment for the years following the first one for each first cycle degree course, enrolment for second cycle degree courses, second qualifications, master courses, specialization courses and schools, educational courses and vocational training and single courses
Academic year 2021-2022
Enrolment procedure for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees of the School of Management and Economics
Undergraduate degrees 

Several of the undergraduate degrees of the Department of Management and the Department of Economic, Social, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences have a capped number of places, so all students interested in enrolling on the following degree courses:

  • Business and Management (English-medium program);
  • Economia Aziendale (i.e. Business Administration, Italian-medium program);
  • Economia (i.e. Economics, Italian-medium program);
  • Management dell’Informazione e della Comunicazione Aziendale (i.e. Business Information and Communication Management, Italian-medium program);

must take the CISIA on-line Test (TOLC-E in Italian and/or English TOLC-E in English) and then participate in one of the calls for admission to the individual degree courses (the calls do not involve any further examinations or tests).


If you have a qualification issued by a non-Italian High School or University you are required to apply through the Apply@UniTO procedure.


Further details are available on the website of the School of Management and Economics:

Postgraduate degrees

All students wishing to enroll in one of the degree programs of the Department of Management (with restricted number of places) have to sit for a test.


The postgraduate degrees of the Department of Economic, Social, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences with an unrestricted number of places are subjected to preliminary verification of the specific curricular and personal requirements. The modalities of the verification are published on each teaching structure’s website.


Further details are available on the website of the School of Management and Economics:

Academic year 2020-2021