Accessibility statement

The University of Turin has  published a survey on accessibility in accordance with AGID requirements. Accessible to  the general public on the English version of the UniTO portal, it is in line with the “Self-assessment Model v. 01” and made available by AGID in Attachment 2 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

The assessment format is based on random checking used in the in-depth monitoring method in the AGID Accessibility Guidelines (Chapter 5).

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Accessibility objectives

The University of Turin has set its own University accessibility objectives in accordance with Art. 9, paragraph 7, of Decree 18 October 2012, No. 179 "Additional urgent measures for the growth of the country", better known as "Growth Decree 2.0" and converted with amendments, by Art. 1, paragraph 1, Law 17 December 2012, No. 221.

Online text to speech service

The University of Turin portal offers an online text to speech service, which provides assistance for people with trouble reading text online. 

This technology is designed for those who have problems reading and writing, learning difficulties or impaired vision by making it easier for them to access published information.

For more details about the service, please see Online text to speech online service webpage:

UniTO portal design

The portal was designed and developed based on the "Stanca" Act No. 4/2004 accessibility standards and its "Measures to help disabled persons access web content".

The portal was awarded the CNIPA accessibility certification in 2008 and now carries the logo demonstrating it satisfies accessibility standards.

The latest version of the portal reflects technical requirements required by the Decree 20 March 2013 updating the accessibility requirements for public sector websites and in line with the "AA" level of the WCAG 2.0 "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines" of the W3C.


The information and services on the portal can be accessed on various platforms, different browsers and through assistive technologies. There are a few cases, however, where elements overlap when using "dated" browsers, although users can still browse and access information.

Thanks to Mobile first and Responsive Web Design, the portal adapts automatically to the characteristics of the device you’re using, be it a smartphone, tablet or PC. This means you have an optimized browsing experience on devices with different sizes/resolutions without even noticing.

UniTO engineers decided on HTML5 and CSS3 in order to fully exploit both current and future features of browsers and mobile devices thanks to support from advanced and dynamic features. This means that HTML and CSS syntax validation is not always fully compliant. The portal is managed with CMS Open Source Drupal which is compatible with international ISO and W3C standards.

Accessibility for research and third mission

The S. Polin Laboratory of the Department of Mathematics "G. Peano" deals with technology R&D for accessing and producing digital scientific content and promoting testing and using existing assistive technologies.


Find out more about the services and equipment the Lab makes available.