Diploma Supplement

According to the current provisions of University of Turin, please contact the office only via e-mail ([email protected]) - last update: 6th March 2020).


The Diploma Supplement is an integrative document of the official educational qualification achieved at the end of the course of study. It was developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the Council of Unesco/Cepes. It describes the nature, level, context, content and status of the graduates’ studies, in order to improve international transparency regarding qualifications and to enable equal academic and professional recognition.

It is made up of eight sections:

  • personal data
  • educational qualification 
  • level
  • CV and scoring
  • qualification functions
  • additional information
  • certification
  • national upper education system description. 

It is issued for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and 5-year or 6-year postgraduate degree programs in accordance with Ministerial Decrees 509/99 and 270/04.


According to the new regulations, it is any longer issued for students who attented a Specialization School.


It is not provided for graduates of the regulations previous to the Ministerial Decree 509/99 who can request other types of certificates regarding the study title issued by the student registry offices. 

How to request the document

Starting from April 2020, Diploma Supplement is issued on digital format with remote digital signature.

The first issue in bilingual version (Italian- English) is free of charge. Any possible second issues will be considered as a duplicate and a payment is due.


In order to request it, students can send an email to [email protected] enclosing a scanned copy of identity card or passport along with matriculation number and name of the course.


The document is normally issued within 30 days from the request.