Academic calendar

The academic calendar indicates all Sundays and religious and civil public holidays, as well as Christmas and Easter breaks, where all teaching activities are stopped.

Academic year 2022-2023

Academic calendar starts:  1st October 2022

Academic calendar ends: 30th September 2023

Public holidays and civil and religious holidays are as follows:

  • 1st November 2022: Ognissanti (All Saints Day)
  • 8th December 2022: Immacolata Concezione
  • 25th December 2022: Christmas Day
  • 26th December 2022: Santo Stefano
  • 1st January 2023: New Year's Eve
  • 6th January 2023: Epifania
  • 9th April 2023: Easter
  • 10th April 2023: Easter Monday
  • 25th April 2023: Festa della Liberazione
  • 1st May 2023: Festa del Lavoro
  • 2nd June 2023: Festa della Repubblica
  • 24th June 2023: San Giovanni
  • 15th August 2023: Assunzione 

The holidays established by the Academic Senate (in addition to the abovementioned ones) are as follows:

  • from 23rd December 2022 to 6th January 2023 (included) 
  • from 6th April 2023 to 11th April 2023 (included).

The calendar of Jewish holidays is also available in accordance with Law no. 101 of 8 March 1989 (Standards for the regulation of relations between the State and the Union of Italian Jewish Communities - Italian version).

Course calendar

The course calendar - which varies according to the degree program - indicates the start and end dates of lessons, examination periods and degree sessions. Consult it on the website of your degree program: