Job Placement

The University's Job Placement Service has been established in order to help its students and new graduated (who held their university degree within 12 months) to enter the labour market. The service operates on two levels: through the Job Placement offices in the individual Schools and Departments and through the central Job Placement office at the Students' Rights office.

As a whole, the Job Placement Service serves an intermediary function, at once helping students in their careers choices and in making preliminary contact with companies and helping companies, public bodies and international institutions to find and choose students and recent graduates. The Schools and Departments Job Placement Offices display employment and internship opportunities on websites (university or other) and notice boards and through presentations given by interested companies.

Students are offered a consultation service, providing assistance in writing CVs, preparing for job interviews and developing individual professional projects. The services available to businesses consist in providing information on internships, distributing lists of new graduates, publishing job advertisements and pre-selecting curricula/candidates for jobs.

The office actively promotes Career Day and a number of other events connected to the job market, including the JobMeeting Torino events. The service organizes and collaborates in the university-wide Internship and Work Experience Programs which are organised by local (Fondazione CRT for the Master dei Talenti, Fondazione CRUI) and it is also involved in collecting statistics.