Students registry offices

Service modalities
Due donne si parlano a uno sportello

The Students registry offices provide a support service at a distance by means of Help Desk procedure or via e-mail.

Opening hours (starting from the 5th October 2021)

For the following venues: Campus "Luigi Einaudi" (CLE), Management ed Economia, Scienze della Natura e Scienza e Tecnologia del Farmaco, Scienze Umanistiche (SUM):

  • Tuesday morning 9 a.m. -12 a.m.
  • Thursday afternoon 12.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.                                                                

For the following venues: Agraria e Veterinaria, Psicologia, Scienze Mediche e delle Biotecnologie, Professioni Sanitarie, Scienze Motorie e Sportive (SUISM)

  • Tuesday morning 10 a.m. -12 a.m.
  • Thursday afternoon 13.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. 

You can access the service only by appointment for the following activities:

  • collecting certificates for abroad
  • collecting certificates for private use, not informatized records
  • collecting parchment
  • collecting smart card
  • collecting other documentation (i.e. original upper secondary school leaving certificate)
  • documentation delivery (i.e. training documents, thesis)
  • administrative consulting - career

You can arrange an appointment directly on Agenda CampusNet of your study course following the instructions as described in the document Prenotazione appuntamento segreteria studenti and observing the type of "slot" for appointment, as foreseen by offices.


Consult the access conditions to University at the following page: Back to UniTo: access to University venues.


At the entrance of the venues the verification of the green certification Covid-19, the so-called "Green Pass", will be spot checked.


Please note that the email addresses given below are for prospective students and staff only. Current students must refer to the helpdesk support (see Contacts in the left column).

Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Centre
Largo Paolo Braccini, 2 - 10095 Grugliasco (TO) mappa

Tel.: +39 011 6709900
Fax: +39 011 6708674

Head of office: Claudia Grosso

Management and Economics Centre Unione Sovietica, 218 bis - 10134 Torino mappa

Tel.: +39 011 6709900
Fax: +39 011 6706142

Head of office: Francesco Spina

Psychology Centre
Via G. Verdi, 12 - 10124 Torino mappa

Tel: +39 011 6709900
Fax: +39 011 6704006

Head of office: Massimo Scuglia

Natural Sciences and Drug Science and Technology Centre
Via Santa Croce, 6 - 10123 Torino mappa

Tel: +39 011 6709900
Fax: +39 011 6704693


Head of office: Maria Pina Bombino

SUM Student services
Via Sant'Ottavio, 17/4, 10124 Torino TO, Italia mappa

Linguistic Sciences:

Tel.: +39 011 6709900
Fax: +39 011 6704488

Education Sciences:

Tel.: +39 011 6709900
Fax: +39 011 6704190


Tel.: +39 011 6709900

E-mail: (for university staff and prospective students); (for companies)


Head of office: Francesco Cacciatore

Campus Luigi Einaudi (CLE) Centre Regina Margherita, 60 - 10153 Torino mappa

Tel: +39 011 6709900
Fax: +39 011 2361113

Head of office: Angela Montrone

Medical Sciences and Biotechnology Centre Massimo d'Azeglio, 60 - 10126 Torino mappa

Medical Sciences:

Tel: +39 011 6709900
Fax: +39 011 6705678


Head of office: Consolatrice Murtas

Health Professions
Via Rosmini, 4/A - Torino mappa

Tel: +39 016709900
Fax: +39 011 6705671


Head of office: Paola Ropolo

SUISM Services Centre
Vicolo Benevello 3/A - Torino mappa

Tel: +39 011 6709900


Head of office: Sara Bagnato