Legal notes

These legal notes explain, in accordance with the "Guidelines for Websites of 2011" of the Minister of Public Administration and Simplification, the general characteristics of the contents of the portal of the University of Turin, how to use them properly, the related responsibilities, and the rules for the use of downloadable materials.


The person responsible for the publication process  is Mr. Angelo Saccà, Director of the Information Systems and University Portal Department, who is also responsible to manage and develop the University portal. Site content related notices may be sent to [email protected].. 

Copyright and logo

The University of Turin portal respects the intellectual property rights of others. Towards this end, reasonable measures have been taken to ensure all information published on its pages (i.e. images, text, audio, files, metadata, site content, organization of materials, script codes, graphics, texts, tables, images, sounds, podcasts, videos and all other types of information) is reproduced only with the full consent of the respective intellectual property right holders.
Registered users are allowed to access, search and download content published through the University of Turin platform solely for personal and non-commercial use. 


The respective owners retain all copyright and proprietary rights over the content published or accessible through the portal pursuant to and in accordance with the Laws on authorship and intellectual property rights. Original work reproduced in digital format could be subject to other proprietary rights in addition to digital copyright. Users are therefore held to obtain the respective right holder's permission before reproducing content published on the University website but not specifically covered by the Creative Commons License (non-exhaustive examples of which are MyBlog and the Botta e Risposta - "Q&A" - services).
Users may avail themselves of personal data published on the Athenaeum Portal (such as email addresses, phone and fax number) only for purposes tied to academic education and research. It is prohibited to use any personal data published on the website for marketing and commercial purposes without the owner's prior consent or for spamming purposes. All violations shall be reported to the competent authorities.


For information or clarifications regarding content published on the website and the applicable licences please send an email stating "diritto d'autore - authorship rights" in the subject line to: [email protected].


Those looking to publish audio/video content on the Unito Media multimedia platform should download and fill out the release form. 


Information regarding the use of the logo is listed in the Italian section titled "Grafica e uso del logo".


Sponsorship requests may sent to [email protected]..

Use of the Athenaeum Portal

Although the University of Turin constantly strives to provide users with the latest and most accurate information, some content may not be exhaustive enough or up to date. In this regard, users are urged and encouraged to report any service malfunction or incorrect content at any time, by sending an email to [email protected]. Our staff will fix the problem as soon as possible.
The University of Turin shall not be held responsible for any sort of damage directly or indirectly incurred as a result of accessing and/or using the portal itself, any portal-related service and/or interactive tools.


For further information see the page Accessibility (see also the Italian version: Accessibilità).

Links to external websites

The University of Turin shall not in any way be held responsible or liable for materials, services and programming content of external websites connected to the Athenaeum's own by way of hypertext links or their relative utilization on the users' part. The Athenaeum in fact has no direct or indirect power to control the content, use, quality and completeness of information provided by external websites; these responsibilities are directly attributable to their respective owners.              
In regards to the University of Turin wide-spread social media presence, reference should be made to the conditions of service and copyright clauses users of each site are held to know and abide by.


The objects, programs, products (documents, software etc.) accessible and downloadable through the portal are provided free of charge pursuant to the conditions set forth by the owner, unless otherwise specified; the University of Turin does not warrant their quality, security or operating system compatibility. Content made available for download through the portal may be subject to copyright, use and/or reproduction rights held by the respective owners; the University of Turin therefore recommends verifying the conditions of use and rights applicable to any item to be downloaded from the website in advance, and explicitly declines all responsibilities in this regard.