Tuition fees

Academic year 2019-2020

The University of Turin for the a.y. 2019-2020 has maintained its students’ contribution model, confirming:

  • a full-comprehensive contribution depending on ISEE and on part-time or full-time choice
  • exemptions and reductions for students with ISEE equal or lower than 30.000,99 €
  • division of the payment in 3 instalments.

Here you can find the main information on students’ contribution. For further details, please consult Regolamento tasse e contributi a.a. 2019-2020.

Ask for ISEE to pay according to your economic situation

In order to pay a contribution calculated according to your economic situation, you must request ISEE:

  • within the 31st October, 2019: in order to get in time the right amount of the full-comprehensive contribution according to your economic situation and not to get fined
  • from 1st November, 2018 to 20th November, 2019 : by paying a fine of 100 €

You may need several weeks to get the ISEE, we invite you to submit your request at once.


The maximum amount of the full-comprehensive contribution will be applied:

  • if you do not ask for ISEE within 20th November, 2019
  • if your ISEE value is higher than 85,001 €
Deadlines and amount of the instalments
First instalment

The amount of the first instalment consists of 156€ to be paid at the moment of matriculation/enrolment and it includes:  

Second instalment

The second instalment plans a maximum amount of 450 € and is calculated

  • calculating a part-time commitment for all students

If you do not request ISEE within the above-mentioned deadlines, you must pay the maximum amount of the second instalment equal to 450 €.


The second instalment must be paid:

  • within 4 p.m. of 28th November 2019
  • solely for students enrolled for the first year of second cycle degrees completing the enrolment after the 21st November 2019, within  4 p.m. of 9th January, 2020.
Third instalment

The third instalment corresponds to the balance of the full-comprehensive amount and is calculated according to the full-time/part-time commitment, chosen while submitting the career plan.

The third instalment has been postponed to 30th May 2020.

Calculate the amount of your contribution

UniTO provides you with a simulator in order to calculate the amount to pay according to ISEE criteria:

  • access the simulator and calculate the contribution (the simulator  is currently being updated)
Additional contributions and further information

For the a.y. 2019-2020 additional contributions are foreseen for the following study courses (for further information please consult art. 6 Regolamento tasse e contributi a.a. 2019-2020):

  • 5-year postgraduate degree program in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage: 4,000 € divided into 2 instalments (not regular students do not need to pay, except from students using laboratories CCR).
  • Undergraduate degree in Information Management and Business Communication:
    • for regular or not regular students who must obtain full-time attendance: € 2,710.00
    • for regular or not regular students who must obtain part-time attendance: € 2,116.00
  • Undergraduate degree in Business & Management and postgraduate degree in Business Administration cohort 2018-2019 and 2019-2020


ISEE brackets

Amount in Euros

≤ 13.000,99








> 85.001,00



  • Undergraduate degree in Business & Management and postgraduate degree in Business Administration cohort 2017-2018:
    • for regular or not regular students who must obtain full-time attendance: € 2,710.00
    • for regular  or not  regular students who must obtain part-time attendance:  € 2,116.00
  • Online courses (undergraduate degree course in Administration Sciences, postgraduate degree course in Administrative and juridical sciences for public and private organizations, 5-year postgraduate degree program in Law, undergraduate degree course in Business Administration of the Department of Management):
    • full-time enrolment:  € 920.00
    • part-time enrolment: € 500.00


    Check all the information in art. 6 of Regulations for Tuition fees and contributions a.y. 2019-2020. For more information about refunds; tuition fees and contributions in case of career evaluation, suspension of studies, recognition; fines and administrative penalties, please consult the Regulations for Tuition fees and contributions 2019-2020.


    For further information relating to refunds, taxes and contributions for career assessment, study interruption, fines and administrative penalty, please consult Regolamento tasse e contributi a.a. 2019-2020.

    For further information consult also FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of Sezione Diritto allo Studio and if you are a student already enrolled at this University you can also contact the help-desk service, if necessary.

How to pay

Access your MyUniTO with your own credentials and select how to pay under the item Payments.

  • In case of payment with MAV (payment by notice), print out the MAV form, click on the receipt number (numero di fattura) to visualize the details relating to the due amount.
    Payments are to be made out through the Internet banking or at cashiers of any Italian bank, either in cash or with a bank account.
  • If you choose "Paga online con pagoPA" (a system for electronic payments, created to make any payment for the Public Administration easier, safer and clearer) read carefully the Guidelines to make your payments with pagoPA.
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