Erasmus and Exchange students

Procedure for incoming students 2016-2017

In order to register at the University of Turin as incoming student for the a.y. 2016-2017, students have to fill in the online application form.

The online application form must be completed according to the following deadlines:

  • for students coming to Turin during the first semester or for the whole academic year: 15/07/2016
  • for students coming to Turin for the second semester: 30/11/2016

In order to send the application form, students have to carefully follow the instructions:

For technical problems concerning the application form, students can send an e-mail to


The online procedure must not be followed by students taking part in a “double degree programme” (laurea binazionale), who should directly contact the Secretariat of the related Department in Turin in order to be registered. These students will be registered as properly enrolled students and not as exchange students. Only students taking part in a double degree programme at the School of Management and Economics must instead follow the online registration for incoming students.


After students have completed the application form, the International mobility office will check it and send students an email confirming their acceptance. Incoming students’ application forms will be accepted only in the frame of the study areas included in the bilateral agreements signed by University partners for the a.y. 2016-2017 and only after students have been regularly nominated by their home University (email to


School of Medicine locations

The University of Turin has two different locations for the School of Medicine, one is situated in Turin and the other one in Orbassano (for example, the Department of Public Health and Pediatrics is located in Turin, whereas the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences in Orbassano). Students have to check the actual position of the Department where they are enrolled before completing the online application form and also in order to organize their International mobility period at UniTO (for example, to arrange their accommodation).


Study plan in Turin

Lessons at the University of Turin are usually in Italian language and exams should mostly be taken in Italian as well. However, there are also degree courses fully taught in English and many single courses (exams) offered in foreign languages, mainly English. Students can also check with the professor of each course if they are allowed to take exams in other languages.
See the list of single courses (exams) taught in foreign languages (mainly English) and the list of degree courses fully taught in English.

Students interested in taking exams in other languages must check with the professor of each course if they are allowed to.

For information about the academic calendar and courses, students must refer to the Department website where they will spend their mobility period.

The Learning Agreement has to be agreed upon by the professor of UniTO in charge of the Bilateral Agreement signed with the University of origin. The name of the professor is indicated in the application form. For approval of Learning Agreement, please directly contact the professor using the people directory.

As regards some Departments (mainly in the Medicine and Surgery areas) it is necessary to check the study plan with the Italian professor in charge of the bilateral agreement before arriving in Turin. This is also generally recommended in case of  special study projects (internships and thesis researches) in any disciplines.

Orientation meetings

From about mid-September to mid-October, the Erasmus Office organises 4 orientation meetings recommended to Erasmus and Exchange incoming students. It is enough to participate to one of them. During these events, students receive detailed information about the University services and the procedures to be followed during the mobility period (Italian language courses, Learning Agreement, procedures for taking exams, extension procedures, etc). Before the beginning of the first semester students, who properly completed their application form, will receive the schedule of the meetings planned via email. Information about meetings planned for the second semester will be provided after 30th December 2016.

In order to obtain more practical information about your future stay in Turin, please read:

Information about accommodation for your stay in Turin:

Information about the Italian language courses offered to our incoming students:

Study Visa for extra-European students

Incoming students needing study Visa can request an invitation letter writing an email to the Exchange Mobility Office of the Department they are interested in or to the International Mobility Office specifying the following data: surname, name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, permanent address (street, city, ZIP-code, country), University of origin, ISCED area code of the bilateral agreement, expected date for the beginning of the mobility period.

Erasmus+ Traineeship

Erasmus+ Traineeship students interested in carrying out an internship in the University of Turin should contact the Department Erasmus delegates in order to have further information and to check their availability. In case of acceptance by professors, students have to send an e-mail to in order to receive instructions about their registration.

2015-2016 incoming students

Erasmus and international students enrolled at the University of Turin for an exchange period have to refer to the documents Administrative procedures 2015-2016, including all the procedures that Erasmus and international incoming students must follow during their exchange period at the University of Turin. 

With reference to online exams registration, please find below the guidelines explaining the process step by step.

Students’ associations in Turin

They help incoming students to get to know Turin and Italian students. In some cases they organize tours, events and visits in Italy and they can support international students in finding information about the University of Turin and seeking accommodation.