Enrolment on single courses

Information on modalities to enrol on single courses for the academic year 2022-2023 is currently being updated. Please check this page frequently.

Enrolment on a single course

For curricular, calls and updating needs, you can enroll on a single course without the obligation to enrol on the study course that issues the academic title.

Enrolment on single courses is incompatible with enrolment on a study course that issues an academic qualification in accordance with art. 7 of the Student Career Regulation.


If you have the credentials of UniTO, to register you must fill in the form and send it to the relating Student Registry Office via the Help Desk platform, attaching a copy of an identity document and the tax code.

The credentials of the graduates of the University of Turin will remain active for 18 months from the defense of the degree thesis, subsequently they will be deactivated.

Learn how to reactivate the credentials of UniTO.


If you do not have the credentials of UniTO, contact the Student Registry Office in advance by email or telephone for the request procedure.

Enrolment on single courses for students holding a foreign qualification

If you are an international student with a foreign qualification please read the following instructions to gather more information and fill in the application form. 

Deadline for enrollment for single courses without a restricted number of places

The application for must be submitted by 30th July 2021.

Deadline for enrollment for single courses with a restricted number of places

The application must be submitted:

  • by 30th October 2020 for the courses activated in the first semester;
  • by 31st March 2021 for courses activated in the second semester.

The application for enrollment on single courses relating to courses with a restricted number of places  must be previously authorized by the reference teaching structure (Department / Course of Study), in compliance with the limits of the places available provided for in the planning.


Contact the relevant student registry office in advance for the request procedure.

Amount due for enrolment

The Student Registry Office will charge you the amount due for enrollment, which will vary based on the number of ECTS, and the amount due for the virtual stamp (it is not necessary to affix the paper stamp duty on the application form).

Without the payment of the amounts due, the registration cannot be completed. The single course is valid for the academic year of reference; you can take the exam until the extraordinary session included.


To make payments you need to log in with your credentials to the MyUniTO - Tax Section - and use the PagoPA electronic payment system.

If you do not have the credentials for UniTO, please contact the relative Student Registry Office.