Enrolment on single courses

You can enrol on a single course (single exam) without enrolling on the degree course that releases academic certification. 


In order to enrol, you canfill in the form (Italian version)and submit it to the student registry office attaching a copy of you ID and tax identification code.

Enrolment on single courses provided by degree courses with a restricted number of places:

  • by October 30th, for all courses that start in the first semester
  • by March 31st, for all courses that start in the second semester

Enrolment on single courses without a restricted number of places:

  • by July 31st

The student registry office will put at your disposal, in your MyUniTO, in the section Tuition Fees, a form for the payment: the cost of a single course depends on the quantity of corresponding credits (CFU). Each single course is valid within the academic year in which it is started, including the additional exam session (January-April).


More details about costs are available in the Tuition fees regulations of the academic year to which they refer.


A maximum number of 30 CFU credits can be recognised in each academic year.


The application for single courses provided by degree course with a restricted number of places, for maximum 30 CFU credits in each academic year, must be authorized by the degree courses to which the course pertain, within the limits of the scheduled programme and as long as there are available places. Contact the student registry office for more information about the application.

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