Study plan

What is a study plan

The study plan is the complete set of exams that you need to sit in order to graduate. Each degree programme envisages a certain number of learning activities (course units, laboratories, other activities): some are compulsory, others are elective. The sum of the compulsory and elective activities represents your study plan.

Academic year 2023-2024

From 10th October 2023 the online procedure for filling in the study plan is active.


The online editing of the study plan allows to choose the educational activities planned in the degree. This process is crucial to sit the relating exams in the available dates of each session.


The study plan can be edited by:

  • all the students enrolled in the current academic year and who paid regularly the tuition fees
  • only for those students who are enrolled in years different from the first one, the editing of the study plan depends on the fulfilment of learning gaps (OFA), if required
  • only those students enrolled in an undergraduate degree, post-graduate degree or 5 or 6-year post-graduate degree can access the study plan after filling in the questionnaire "Chi e perché si iscrive a UniTo"(consult information on data processing). In order to fill in the questionnaire, you must access to the MyUniTo, following this path: Career > Questionnaires > questionnaire "Chi e perché si iscrive a UniTo".


According to the regulations established by each teaching body, the study plan must be edited for the whole duration of the degree (180 credits for the undergraduate degrees, 120 credits for the post-graduate degrees, 300 or 360 credits for 5- or 6-year post-graduate degrees).


The study plan must be edited/modified every year when the process is open and must be edited again completely every year of regular enrollment and every time you need to modify it.


Any change that you want to make in your study plan will be recognized only when it is fully edited and eventually confirmed; otherwise, the changes will not be recognised by the system and, consequently it will not be possible to take the exams inserted.

At the end of the online editing/change, the study plan compiled or modified will result in the "Approved" state, along with the updated date. The system will send an automatic message to the institutional email ( with the confirmation of the good outcome of the procedure.


Those students who want to graduate in the extraordinary session of the previous academic year (2022-2023) do not have to complete nor change the study plan. The editing or change of the study plan by those students will imply the activation of the new academic year; along with the payment of the tuition fees of the new academic year, and the impossibility to graduate in the extraordinary session of the previous academic year.

Editing your study plan and choosing your path/curriculum

In order to edit or change online your study plan, you must access to your MyUniTo and select directly the "Complete the Study plan" item or the "Complete the Study plan" item inside the "Career" menu.


To choose or change online your path/curriculum, select the "Study path choice" in the "Career" menu.


For the degrees with a restricted number of places, implying a choice, it is possible to edit the study plan from 10th October to 14th November 2023, inserting only the courses in common with all the paths/curricula. From 15th November 2023 until the established deadline, it will be possible to insert also the specific courses foreseen by the chosen path.

Submission within the deadlines

From 10th October 2023 to 31st January 2024 it is possible to:

  • fill in online or change the study plan for each academic year
  • choose online the type of commitment (full time / part time).


From 1st February 2024 to 30th May 2024 it is possible to:

  • fill in online/change the study plan for each academic year.


The amount of the tuition fees, besides being calculated according to the economic situation resulted in the ISEE, will be calculated also according to the type of commitment (full time or part time).


For incoming students: Erasmus and international mobility

  • insert the exams of your Learning Agreement, approved by the reference person of the University of origin and by UniTo
  • the instructions about the editing of the study plan will be published at the following page: Studenti in mobilità ed Erasmus 
Check the approved study plan

You can see the confirmed study plan on the "Complete the study plan" section, in your MyUniTo.

If you are enrolled over the regular course length or if your degree belongs to the old regulations

Also the students who are enrolled over the regular course length can edit online the study plan. This option includes only the cohorts in which rules of choice are foreseen, starting from the a.y. 2006-2007.


The students who are enrolled over the regular course length and belong to the cohorts without the activation of rules of choice (before the a.y.2006-2007) and the students - whose degrees belong to the old regulations (before Ministerial Decree 509/1999) - can change the study plan only by sending the relating request about the modification through the help desk service to the student registry office.