Application for international students

Step by step registration procedure for international students.


Step 1 - Apply@UniTO

If you have a qualification issued by a non-Italian High School or University and you wish to apply for an undergraduate, postgraduate, 5-year or 6-year degree program, the online application procedure Apply@Unito is mandatory. Applications are received during the following periods:

  • applications for postgraduate degree programs are received from 15th May to 16th June 2019
  • applications for undergraduate or 5/6 year postgraduate degrees are received from 1st June to 1st August 2019

Applicants will receive a feedback after 2 months from the end of the specific call.


The call dedicated to Non-European applicants not legally residing in Italy opened on 14th January and closed on 14th April 2019. If you are a Non-European applicant not legally residing in Italy and you did not submit your application by 14th of April, no other calls for the a.y. 2019-2020 will be available.

Step 2 - Register to the UniTO web portal

Once you have submitted your application through Apply@Unito, register on the UniTO website Download the following tutorial to be guided step by step in the procedure:

Step 3 - Register for admission test or TARM-Italian language test

Admission tests requirements vary depending on the degree program you are applying for. Check the section “Entry requirements” by selecting your degree program.

Please consider the following program categories:

  • Degree programs requiring a national admission exam (Medicine and SurgeryDentistry or Veterinary medicine): it is mandatory to sign up for the admission test first on the Universitaly website and then on UniTO website. In particular, for Medicine and Surgery, you will have to sign up for the IMAT test on Universitaly website. Procedure will be published in June/July 2019.
  • Degree programs requiring a local admission exam: it is mandatory to sign up for the admission test on UniTO website, as specified in the degree programs’ calls for applications, which will be available starting in June/July 2019, by selecting the degree program you are interested in.
  • Undergraduate degree programs without admission exam: it is mandatory to register for the TARM test (Test for the Assessment of Minimum Requirements) - Italian language test. Find out more about TARM-Italian language test for students holding a non-Italian qualification.
  • Undergraduate degree programs taught in English without admission exam (Global law and trasnational legal studies): it is mandatory to take TARM test in English language. The procedure will be available starting in June/July 2019.
  • Postgraduate degree programs without admission exam require no admission test nor a TARM test. Applicants are evaluated by the Department Evaluation Boards through interviews.
  • Postgraduate degree programs with admission exam: it is mandatory to register for and to pass the admission test, as specified in the degree programs’ calls for application, which will be available in June/July 2019, by selecting the degree program you are interested in.
Step 4 - Welcome and enrolment at UniTO

Details about the welcome process and enrolment in Turin will be published in this section starting in June/July 2019.


For useful information regarding your arrival in Turin and the city:

VISA / Admission test short term visa
  • Long term Visa for University enrolment for non-EU citizens residing abroad (D-type Visa): once you have applied through Apply@Unito you will receive a letter from UniTo allowing you to request a visa from an Italian Diplomatic Representation in your country of residence.
  • Short term Visa/Tourist Visa (C-type Visa) for non-Eu citizens residing abroad: for degree programs requiring the admission test/TARM-Italian language test, an Italian Embassy/Consulate can issue a short term visa to allow you travel to Turin and take your test. After the test, you will have to return to your country of residence and apply for a D-type visa from the Italian Diplomatic-Consular Representation. 
Orientation meetings

Orientation meetings (organized by the Mobility and International Academic Office) are organised for international students who have been admitted to the University of Turin.


During these orientation meetings we will present students the services offered by the University, the procedures and administrative deadlines, the University’s administrative structure, the Italian language course.


The orientation meetings schedule will be published in July 2019.


Transfer procedure from Italian Universities

If you hold a non-Italian qualification and you want to transfer to the University of Turin from an Italian University, please follow the instructions which will be updated at the webpage Changes and transfers and apply online according to specific deadlines for the study program you are interested in.


For more information, please refer to the Student registry office of the degree program you are interested in.

Buddy Project

Buddy Project provides international students with a person offering support with administrative procedures in the University offices, the main University facilities and buildings, UniTO website, housing.


For further details:

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