Application for EU, equivalents, non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy

The following procedures may have simultaneous deadlines, therefore we invite you to read the entire page.


You can check the list of programs offered on [email protected].


If you are an EU/equivalent/non-eu citizen legally residing in Italy, you hold a non-Italian study qualification and you wish to apply for an undergraduate, postgraduate or 5-year or 6-year postgraduate degree programs for the academic year 2022-23, follow the steps below.

Application through [email protected]
  • 18th January 2022 -  6th May 2022 for postgraduate degree programs
  • 10th May 2022 - 15th July 2022 for undergraduate degree programs and 5year or 6-year postgraduate degree programs
  • 1st September 2022 - 12th September 2022 for undergraduate degree programs, 5year or 6-year postgraduate degree programs and postgraduate degree programs.

The online application on [email protected] is subject to the payment of a fee of 50€.

Students applying for Medicine and Surgery (english language), Medicina e Chirurgia (lingua italiana), Medicina Veterinaria, Odontoiatria and Business and Management do not need to pay the 50€ fees, although the system will send an automatic email with payment details. Please disregard this email.

The fee cannot be refunded.

You will receive a feedback to your online application within 3 months from submission to the same e-mail address you used to register on the platform.

Candidates meeting specific conditions are exempt from the application procedure for the a.y. 2022-2023. Please check in the list of exemptions if you do not need to submit the application via [email protected].

Required documentation
  • ID card (for Italian and EU applicants) or passport (for non EU applicants)
  • a valid residence permit for Italy (only for non EU applicants residing in Italy)
  • study documents.

All documents uploaded in your online application are accepted in Italian, English, French or Spanish. If your documents are not issued in one of these languages, you also have to attach a certified translation in either Italian, English, French or Spanish.

In addition, for postgraduate degree programs only:

  • motivation letter in English or Italian
  • curriculum vitae
  • additional documents required by some specific postgraduate degree programs (please check on [email protected], under the section Entry qualification, Language requirements and Other requirements of the degree program description).

If you have not yet completed your studies and won’t be in possession of the final qualification within the application deadlines, you will be requested to upload:

  • official certificate attesting your enrollment in the last year of studies
  • official score report of the academic year/semesters so far attended.

Applications sent must be complete of all documentation required. Incomplete applications will not be considered and it will not be possible to apply again for the academic year 2022-2023.

The University reserves the right to request at its sole discretion any additional document that may be necessary for evaluating your educational background.

Candidates applying for the undergraduate program in Business and Management must also attach the Statement of Comparability issued by CIMEA in their online application. Candidates lacking this document will be rejected.

Entrance test or TARM test

Register as a prospective student on the UniTo web portal following the instructions.

  • If you want to apply for undergraduate, postgraduate or 5-year or 6-year postgraduate degree programs with a restricted number of places (entrance test) at a national or regional level, you will have to sit the admission test according to the modalities specified on the admission notice for each degree program  published on the Albo di Ateneo. Check the admission requirements on the website of each degree program.
    Check if the program you are interested in has an entrance test on the list of programs or on the [email protected] platform.
  • If you want to apply for undergraduate or 5-year or 6-year postgraduate degree programs without a restricted number of places (no entrance test) you will have to sit the TARM (Assessment of Minimum Requirements) which will be held through the TOLC test offered by CISIA. If you obtain a score below the minimum threshold, you will still be able to enroll in the program you applied for, but you will have to complete an Additional Educational Obligation (OFA) defined by each degree program.
    For enrolment in the academic year 2022-2023 we accept TOLC exams taken from 1st January 2021 to 5th October 2022.The test can be taken at any session offered by any Italian university.
    After taking the test, all candidates must register to the UniTo competition specific for the degree program of their choice from 1st July to 10th October 2022, through the MyUniTo, under "Enrollments" (Iscrizioni) in the upper left menu and then "Pre-enrolment for free admission courses" (Pre-iscrizione ai corsi ad accesso libero).
    Missing the registration deadline to the UniTo competition will prevent you from enrolling in the chosen degree program.
    Additional information on the OFA will be provided in the upcoming months.
    Check if the program you are interested is a program without a restricted number of places on the list of degree programs or on the [email protected] platform.
  • If you want to apply for postgraduate degree programs without a restricted number of places, your personal preparation will be verified through a test or an interview by the admission commission during your application procedure on [email protected].


Additional information will be provided in the upcoming months.


Information on enrolment procedures can be found on the Enrolment for international students page.

Medicine and Surgery taught in English

If you wish to apply for the 6 years postgraduate program in Medicine and Surgery taught in English language, have a look at the following infographic to help you follow all the necessary steps of the procedure (go to the bottom of the page and use the arrows to find the information corresponding to your nationality and study qualification).

The infographic is a summary and does not replace what is stated on this page and in the call for applications.