Students' guide

Our guide’s aim is to provide students with some information about the online services.

University portal

On University of Turin’s portal,, you can find:

  • the main menu broken up into six sections, each of which containing menu topics related to a separate item: About UnitoStudying at UnitoResearchInternational RelationsServicesLiving in Turin
  • the web page Current student, with relevant information specially tailored to students' needs
  • the login page to access MyUniTo, a reserved area with information and online services 
  • the search engine, with integrated functions which allows you to quickly find not only information and documents, but also the faculty and administrative staff contacts
  • the quick access to Degree programsDepartmentsLibraries and Maps
  • a section dedicated to news and events of the University and other local authorities
  • the pages of the official UniTo social networks (FacebookX etc.) to talk with us and with the other students

...and much more!

Login to MyUniTo

When you matriculate, you get the credentials to access MyUniTO, a reserved area with information and online services tailored to your needs.

For those students who matriculated starting from the academic year 2008-2009 the credentials are:

  • username: name.surname or name.surname123 (in case of homonym)
  • password: the same password you chose when you logged in 

Please note that students already matriculated at University of Turin that want to enrol at another degree course, a master or a PhD or to re-enrol for another academic year, will keep the same credentials they got at the beginning.

For problems related to the authentication to the University website and/or to the matriculation procedure, please fill out the form for requests for support and information or call the toll-free number 800 098590 (from Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m - Saturdays from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m., only from Italian phones).

Students' webmail

The University of Turin communicates with all the students through the academic e-mail address. it is recommended to periodically access and check if there is any new communication.


Students’ e-mail box will work within 24 hours from the matriculation and it will be: [email protected] (eg. [email protected]). Please note that “UsernameStudente” is the username you enter to access the online services.

University WiFi

With your credentials you can also access the WiFi service, designed to ensure the highest level of protection, in terms of authenticity of permissions and access guarantees, message integrity and protection of personal data.


For a permanent use of the service in universities where there is coverage, we recommend using the Eduroam network. If instead you need to connect to the network occasionally we suggest you use UniTO-WiFi. For more details on how to access the WiFi network and instructions for access configurations, see the page dedicated to the service (Italian version).

How to keep the authentication credentials

The user is liable for the conservation and the secrecy of the authentication credentials (your access credentials are absolutely personal and you must keep them carefully like your VISA code). Furthermore, the user takes charge of each activity and he promises to indemnify the University of Turin from each kind of claims and threats concerning or deriving from services’ use or abuse.


The user undertakes to immediately inform the University of Turin of any unauthorized use of his username and password or any other breach of security.

Disabling access to services

Access to online services and authentication credentials (username and password) will be disabled in the event that there is no longer a career in progress and if at least one access to the University portal is not made in the last calendar year.

Please note that, for all enrolled students, it is expected to withdraw the Smart Card at the students registry office of the relevant course. If the student does not withdraw the Smart Card by the deadline set in the information provided, the authentication credentials are disabled.