Foundation Programme Project

Foundation programme

The University of Turin has launched an educational program, named “Foundation Programme”, with the aim of supporting international students from countries where the global schooling, preceding the enrolment in universities, consists in less than 12 years. The program is also useful to prepare the TARM (Test for the Assessment of Minimum Requirements) or the Admission Tests for the programmes with restricted number of places.


One of the main features of the programme is the delivery of online classes, except for the final exam that will be held at the University of Turin. This procedure allows to reduce expenses and students will have the opportunity to attend the course remotely following their own personal work pace.

Study Program

The Foundation Programme offered by the University of Turin provides two different study options entirely held in Italian language:

60 ECTS (=CFU)
  • Italian Language and Culture (core) - 20 ECTS;
  • Italian Literature and History (core) - 10 ECTS;
  • Mathematical Language and Problem Solving (core) - 10 ECTS;
  • 2 courses up to students’ choice among:
    • Cinema and Music - 10 ECTS;
    • Law and Economics - 10 ECTS;
    • Foreign Language and Culture - 10 ECTS;
    • Science - 10 ECTS;

The completion of the 60 ECTS program, together with a High School diploma (obtained in the home country after a minimum of 11 years of schooling), will enable the students to obtain the 12-year-schooling requirement, allowing them to enrol at Italian universities.

The tuition fee for the 60 ECTS program is 2.000 €.

30 ECTS (=CFU)

The 30 ECTS (=CFU) credits program is focused on the learning of the Italian language and culture. It is composed by the first two courses of the 60 ECTS program above-mentioned:

The tuition fee for the 30 ECTS program is 1.300 €.

For both programs, the final exam will be held at the University of Turin. It consists of an interview and a computer-based test.

At the end of the on-line course, having completed the 60 or 30 ECTS, the student will obtain a certificate, to be presented on the day of the final exam.


For further information, please write to

  • Italian Language and Culture (core) - 20 ECTS;
  • Italian Literature and History (core) - 10 ECTS;
Enrolment Requirements

The enrolment in the Foundation Programme does not demand specific entry requirements. Nevertheless, the students who have completed the final exam of the 60 ECTS course and want to enrol in an undergraduate or 5-year/6-year degree program at the University of Turin, must have a High School diploma obtained in the home country after a minimum of 11 years of schooling.

Enrolment Procedure

In order to enrol in the Foundation Programme you need to:

  • Register to UniTO web portal;
  • Enrol in the “Foundation Programme” following these steps (see the tutorial - italian version):
    • go to the web portal;
    • log in to your account in MyUniTO area using your credentials (username and password obtained after the registration to the web portal);
    • click on “Enrolments” and then on “Matriculation”;
    • click on “Single Course”;
    • upload the following documents:
      • a copy of a valid ID or passport;
      • a passport photo (it must be full face and with a plain white or off- white background. The picture must be in bitmap or jpeg format with a resolution of minimum 300 x 400 pixels);
  • complete the enrolment procedure by paying the tuition fee for the chosen course:
    • 2.000€+ 16€ duty stamp for CSFP60 FOUNDATION PROGRAMME -  60 CFU
    • 1.300€ + 16€ duty stamp for CSFP30 FOUNDATION PROGRAMME -  30 CFU

    The payment can be made by credit card (through PagoPA system) or with MAV (payment by notice). MAV payments are to be made out through the Internet banking or at cashiers of any Italian bank, either in cash or with a bank account.

For support regarding registration process, please write to


If you hold international protection (refugee or sudsidiary protection status), please contact International Students Desk before completing the payment procedure, writing an email to and attaching a copy of your residence permit.


Foundation Programme e-learning platform

The e-learning platform is available at the following link:


It is possible to log in to the platform with the credentials of a social network. This login allows students to browse freely for the first 10 ECTS credits of the Italian Language and Culture course.


It will be possible to access the restricted area of the Foundation Programme only using the UniTO credentials, once the enrolment procedure is completed and the University has received the payment.


For support regarding the e-learning platform, please write to