Mentorship project

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Mentorship is a project of the University of Turin addressed to the international students enrolled in the University of Turin and in particular to students who are leaving their home country and/or holding international protection.


It is promoted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in partnership with the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI).


Mentorship project aspires to raise awareness in the university community on topics like social inclusion, university drop out of students who may face difficulties and meet obstacles during their academic path or during their stay in Italy, by facilitating and improving their study experience and enhancing their social cohesion.


The project cooperates with a network of local associations and institutional organizations which welcome and support migrants and refugees.


Mentorship project promotes actions of support among peers or strengthen existing practices.


Through a peer to peer approach, students are guided into the city life and into the university community, obtaining support and directions in the following four areas of intervention: 

Teaching field

If studying or attending actively classes is challenging you, if you are facing difficulties in using websites and e-learning platforms or you are living challenging relationships with professors, you may contact Mentorship project to get support in different activities such as:

  • registering for the exams
  • arranging a meeting or get in touch with professors
  • searching for teaching materials
  • registering for courses and attending them
  • taking part in language exchanges etc.
Administrative-legal field

If you are facing difficulties in finding useful tools or services that might support you achieving your fundamental rights you may contact  Mentorship project to get assistance and support for:

  • looking for an accommodation
  • enabling your food service card
  • asking for a scholarship
  • renewing your residence permit by finding the required documents to submit your request of renewal
  • completing your enrolment at university
Social field

If you are feeling challenged in finding services and useful resources that might help you fully living your experience in the city and in the university, Mentorship project will promote social events that can involve you, if you wish to begin a new sport experience or a cultural experience in and out of the university context.

Communication field

If you’d like to be heard or you want people to know you better or you’d like to know more of your new place, Mentorship project will give you the opportunity to express yourself on dedicated social media. Here, you’ll find information on events in the city or tutorials that may help you to solve issues related to your university life.

The project will work toward the setting up of a radio channel or a university newspaper starting from a network of existing students associations. The project is also planning to organize conferences, cineforum, debates that may focus the attention of the university community on the life context of  students who decide to leave their country and follow their study plans.

How to request the service

You may contact the project team by sending an email to: [email protected].


Once the request is received, a meeting will be arranged – online or in presence depending on the ongoing pandemic.

The service is free of charge and it is available in Italian, English, French and Spanish language.