Services for students with disability

All students with disability of UniTo, including those who attend the courses in the peripheral venues, can benefit from the support services. Incoming students on Erasmus or international mobility period can benefit too from these services and support.


We can meet in order to know each other and to understand how to support you during your path.

How to request the services

Fill in the take charge form and send it to the Office to the address [email protected], attaching your certification of invalidity/disability.

List of services
  • Physical support in the university structure
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  • Communication assistants and Italian Sign Language (LIS) interpreters
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  • Mediation with the teachers before the exams. The office, if necessary or when requested by you or by the teachers, can provide details about the individual treatment, compensatory instruments and dispensatory measures, according to the current legislations of the university field, considering also your specific difficulties
  • Personalised projects, addressed to the students with specific or particularly complex needs. If the office evaluates that the offered services do not satisfy your needs, it will offer specific interventions so that you can participate actively in the university life with the necessary supports
  • Computer stations, provided with specific aids/software, available on the UniTo venues
  • Personal-hygienic support, addressed to the students with motor disability who need personal assistance, in order to participate actively in the educational activities, also in case of long stay in the university locations. The service is carried out by care workers
  • Texts in an accessible format: if you are a student with sight and/or physical and motor disabilities implying difficulties when using paper books, you can request a format accessible for you for the texts of the exams, if available.
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  • Peer-to-peer tutor
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  • Specialised tutoring: if you encounter any difficulties when relating efficiently with the different roles of university, or your disability affects other organizational or management aspects of your study plan, we can offer the support of professional workers, in order to favour the integration in UniTo. You can contact us for further information.