Disabled students

Disabled students can ask for different kinds of services that are at their disposal:

  • guidance: support given by students who have been awarded a study grant or National Civic Service Volunteers appropriately trained to accompany students to university structures, research and assistance centers and during meal times;
  • didactic tutorship: support given by students who have been awarded a study grant and appropriately chosen and trained for specific tasks which include: assistance in taking notes, study activities and acceding to text books and photocopying, support for handling bureaucratic paperwork, etc;
  • support on behalf of Italian Sign Language Interpreters and Communication Mediators for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students;
  • assistance throughout individual examinations with Professors and administrative procedures;
  • access to premises that are available for Disabled Students to carry out study, research and cultural activities relevant to University Activities, and the availability of PC and Internet installations provided for Mobility Impairment Students and PC and Internet installations specifically available for partially sighted and blind students;
  • personalized support for specific individual projects in compliance with the needs of each individual disabled student.
  • Office Hours: Access to premises that are available for students who wish to study, do research or meet their personal operators and use PC installations. This service is available, but it is preferable to book in advance. The offices are open from Monday to Thursday 9.00-18.45 and Friday 9.00-16.30;

Students can be received for specific talks or interviews such as first orientation, only by appointment.

Disabled students are allowed to access the university canteens and apply for scholarships, accommodation and special contributions, etc. according to the instructions established by Association for the Diritto allo Studio Universitario - Regional Body for the Right to Education - (EDISU). 

Disabled students have the opportunity to study abroad for a period of time. For further information, please contact the International Mobility Project. 

In regards to University tuition fees, students who are 50% to 65% disabled are subject to pay only the first portion, while students who are at least 66% disabled are completely exempt.

All disabled students are nonetheless held to remit any payment that may be due pursuant to the "Taxes and Contributions Schedule" known as Regolamento Tasse e Contributi, before the date specified for every academic year.

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