Enrolment for students with international protection

Before the enrolment

If you are a student applying for international protection, you will be able to complete the enrolment at UniTO only after obtaining the relevant residence permit and if you hold the necessary qualifications to enrol in an Italian university.

  • If you hold or you are applying for international protection ("asilo" or "protezione sussidiaria") and you are not in possession of the full set of study documents which are required for enrolment in the University of Turin, you shall apply for admission to your chosen degree programme through the International Students Desk within February, 15th and May, 30th 2019. In the application stage, we suggest you to provide the International Students Desk with every copy or photograph of the document, hints on the name of the institution or contacts that could be helpful will be helpful to the Office in the verification of the degree. Applicants’ previous training and educational background will be tested during a compulsory interview. 
  • If you hold international protection and have all necessary qualifications and documents to enrol at UniTO, you can follow the standard enrolment procedure for international students
After the enrolment

If you are a UniTO student holding international protection, please be sure to provide your Registry Office (“Segreteria studenti”) with a copy of your residence permit before the start of each academic year and within the scheduled deadline for the tuition fee first instalment (usually in September). This procedure is necessary in order to confirm the exemption from tuition fee.  

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