Application for EU, equivalents, non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy, Italians with foreign qualifications

Academic year 2024-2025

The following procedures may have simultaneous deadlines, therefore we invite you to read the entire page.


You can check the list of programs offered on Apply@UniTo.


See the Required documents for international students page for information on admission criteria for foreign degrees and the documents required to apply.

Why my study qualification needs to be assessed

In order to be admitted to an undergraduate degree program ("Laurea"), 5-6-year postgraduate degree program ("Laurea magistrale a ciclo unico") or a 2-year postgraduate degree program ("laurea magistrale"), any foreign study qualification must be recognized as suitable as provided for by article 6 of decree 270/2004 and comparable to the required Italian qualification as established by Law 148/2002 (Italian ratification and implementation of the Lisbon Convention).

Recognition of foreign study qualifications for admission to higher education and furthering university studies is exclusive competence of Universities and Higher Education Institutions as established by art.2 of law 148/2002.

The university evaluates foreign qualifications in line with the principles of the Lisbon Recognition Convention, with its implementation in the Italian educational system and with the practices shared at an international level by the centres belonging to the ENIC and NARIC networks, to verify comparability with Italian qualifications and eligibility for admission in higher education programs.

Foreign study qualifications can be considered for admission purposes only if recognized by the foreign educational system they belong to and issued by institutions authorized to issue them. Therefore, one of the elements we take into account when assessing a foreign study qualification is the accreditation/recognition status of the institution that issued the final qualification (awarding institution) by the competent authority in the educational system of reference , as well as  the accreditation/recognition status of the institution where the studies actually took place or which organized them (teaching institution). Accreditation of the attended study program is also taken into account.

Furthermore, other elements such as the authenticity of the documentation, the duration of the study program, the level, the nature of the program and the rights conferred by the obtained qualification are also taken into consideration during the evaluation process. A substantial difference with the Italian educational system could cause a refusal of the application, thus precluding access to higher education in Italy or continuation to the - upper academic cycle even if you have taken and passed any admission test.

Italians with foreign qualifications

All students holding a foreign qualification are considered international students, even if they are Italian citizens.

Foreign qualifications are not only qualifications obtained abroad but all qualifications which follow a foreign education system. This includes titles issued by pontifical institutions, international or european schools based in Italy, International Baccalaureate and other qualifications.

The application procedure for Italian citizens holding a foreign qualification is the same followed by Europeans and non-EU students legally residing in Italy.

If you are not sure whether you hold an Italian or a foreign qualification please contact the International Students Office.

Application for programs with a restricted number of places

If you wish to apply for a program with a restricted number of places (entrance test), you are exempt from submitting your application on Apply@UniTo.

To check the test regulations and dates you must visit the program’s website.


Once the ranking list is published, students who have placed themselves in a useful position to enroll will be contacted by email for the evaluation of their academic documents. 


Students applying for the following courses with a restricted number of places:

  • Amministrazione e Controllo Aziendale
  • Business Administration
  • Direzione d'Impresa, Marketing e Strategia
  • Finanza Aziendale e Mercati Finanziari

must submit their application on Apply@UniTo from 22nd November 2023to 31st January 2024 for all candidates.


Read the information on the entrance test for those four programs.

Application for programs without a restricted number of places

Applications for postgraduate degree programs without a restricted number of places must be sent on the Apply@UniTo platform in the following windows:

  • from 22nd November 2023 to 31st January 2024 for all candidates
  • from August 21st to September 4th 2024 only for European applicants and non-EU applicants legally residing in Italy.


Applications for undergraduate degree programs and 5-6 year postgraduate degree programs without a restricted number of places must be sent on the Apply@UniTo platform in the following windows:

  • from 20th February 2024 to 30th April 2024 for all candidates
  • from August 21st to September 4th 2024 only for European applicants and non-EU applicants legally residing in Italy.


See the list of programs without a restricted number of places.


All undergraduate or 5-6 -year postgraduate degree programs without a restricted number of places require you to sit the TOLC test offered by CISIA


For all details please check the page dedicated to courses without restricted number of places (with free admission).

In order to complete the procedure, please follow the directions on enrolment:


Once you have completed the above mentioned steps, you can proceed with the final enrolment in UniTo. The enrolment procedure will open at the beginning of September 2024 on this website.


Information on enrolment procedures can be found on the Enrolment for international students page.