Students with specific learning disability (SLD)

Developmental dyslexia is a specific learning disability (SLD) of neurobiological origin. The term dyslexia is broadly used to indicate a heterogeneous group of learning disorders, which may include reading (dyslexia), spelling/writing (dysorthographia/dysgraphia) and calculation (dyscalculia). Dyslexia is classified as being a specific learning disability because its effects are limited to certain skills (reading, writing, calculation) without any effect on mental faculties in general. The reading, writing and calculation difficulties therefore do not derive from intellectual deficits, environmental or psychological issues of any sort.

People with dyslexia learn and organize information in a different way, which presents a challenge in a standard school environment and sometimes leads to incredible feats of imagination and creativity. The University of Turin understands the special needs of dyslexic students. In harmony with the latest education laws and provisions of the 8 October 2010 Law 170 in particular, the University has implemented teaching and evaluation methods that are as flexible as possible, and apt to ensure dyslexic students can acquire all the knowledge and skills required to succeed.

The University of Turin has a special service department through which dyslexic students can:

  • request mediation assistance for forthcoming oral or written exams
  • request tutorship for specific didactic activities (take notes, record lessons)
  • obtain information on student matriculation and admission test procedures
  • arrange for one-on-one didactic counselling

On occasion of the 150th anniversary of Italy’s Unification the University of Turin started to promote awareness raising initiatives regarding the scholastic, social and civil challenges young and adults with special needs face every day. These shall enhance and boost the Savoyan city’s role in the establishment, affirmation and propagation of equal opportunity initiatives and didactic innovation projects.

A series of in depth discussions and information exchange meetings on the topic of learning disabilities and disorders have been arranged – in the same spirit of unity and equal opportunity that characterizes Italian history – to identify and translate the best practices from our past into a vision for a better future. 

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