Initiatives and projects for students with SLD

Intensive course on university learning methods

The Department of Psychology, in collaboration with Studenti con Disabilità e DSA office, offers to freshers with SLD the opportunity to participate in an intensive course in learning methods. The course aims at providing metacognitive tools to better cope with university study.


The course, which had positive feedback over the years, is an excellent opportunity both for improving individual study skills and for socializing with other students with SLD.


The course consists of 30 hours of lessons, largely dedicated to experiences and practical activities. It usually takes place in the second semester of each academic year. The start and registration modalities are communicated via email to all freshers with SLD by Studenti con Disabilità e DSA office.

Research project on development of new technologies for people with disability and SLD

Research project for the identification, use, spread, and development of new technologies to encourage active participation in university by young persons with disability and SLD, according to the principles of universal accessibility, individual education and inclusion, developed by Prof. Marisa Pavone and Prof. Anna Capietto (contact person of the Department of Mathematics for students with disability and SLD).


As part of the agreement between the University of Turin and I.Ri.Fo.R./UICI (Institute for Research, Rehabilitation and Education/Italian Union of Blind persons), the University has recently purchased hardware and software to facilitate access to texts (including those containing formulas and tables) for visually impaired students. The University has several relief printers for graphs/tables and in braille, two displays Braille and printers for producing documents, accessible for visually impaired persons. It is also available an active collaboration with a specialised centre at the Polytechnic University of Karlsruhe (Germany).