Learn about the identity documents required to come to Italy, depending on your situation.

EU and Schengen area citizens

Citizens of Schengen area countries do not need a Visa to enter Italy and are required to carry the ID card or passport during their stay in Italy.

If the stay in Italy is longer than 3 months, the citizens of Schengen area countries are required to apply for the Residence Permit and register at the the local Registry Office ("Anagrafe").

Non-EU and non-Schengen area citizens

Non-EU citizens and citizens from non-Schengen area countries may be required to obtain a Visa to enter Italy. Information about Italian Visa requirements are available on the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Non-EU citizens and citizens from non-Schengen area countries:

  • planning to stay in Italy less than 3 months, are not required to apply for the residence permit.
  • planning to stay in Italy for more than 3 months, must apply for the residence permit for study purposes
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