On the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website you can check:

  • whether you need a visa or not 
  • types of VISA and where to apply
  • detailed information on the visa issue procedure

Make sure to gather information from the local embassy or a consulate nearest to you in your home country.


All pre-enrolment and visa applications must be submitted online via the Universitaly portal where you have to:

  • register and fill in your personal data
  • submit your pre-enrolment application for the degree program, the exchange program (Erasmus+ or other) or the PhD program of your interest.

Once your pre-enrolment application has been submitted via Universitaly portal, it is then validated by the competent office at UniTo and it becomes visible to the designated Italian Embassy/Consulate that will contact you to proceed with your visa application.

The decision on issuing a visa is the exclusive jurisdiction of the designated Italian Embassy/Consulate.


For further information on the Visa procedure to: