Computer certification

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For people intending to get a computer certification there are a lot of solutions available on the market today. Each of them is equally recognized by the University of Turin in terms of university credits (CFU) and students can choose the one that meets their needs.

ECDL international certification

Among others, the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is an international standard in digital skills certification, which allows people to develop their computer skills, either for work or daily life.

It is managed by AICA (Associazione Italiana per l‘Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico - Italian association for computer science and automation), a national association of computer professionals, responsible for the development and the management of the European computer certifications.

The ECDL program is determined as the standard of basic computer education adopted by governments and international organizations. The program is supported by the European Union and defined in Syllabus.

The exams can be done both using vendor (Microsoft Windows and Office) and Open Source (Linus and Open Office) software solutions.

The ECDL program comprises certifications for different levels of abilities:

  • Basic ECDL: 4 modules
  • ECDL Full Standard: 7 modules
ECDL modules

The new ECDL Full Standard can be completed by passing the following modules:

  1. Computer Essentials
  2. Online Essentials
  3. Word processing
  4. Spreadsheets
  5. IT Security – specialised level
  6. Presentation
  7. Online collaboration
Getting certified

Students can choose the computer certification that best fits their experience level and skill set and can take the exam in one of the accredited centres in Italy. 


In regard to ECDL certification, the programme is run through a network of Accredited Test Centres (ATCs).  It is possible to take the certification tests at the nearest test centre (AICA Test Centres).

To achieve the ECDL certification it is compulsory to buy a specific document (Skills Card) that qualifies the student to the exam access relatively to the modules requested.

Accredited Test Centres

All the students interested in the achievement of the ECDL certification can benefit from the above mentioned agreement in one of the Accredited Test Centres.

Credit recognition

After the achievement of the certification, students must deliver the diploma to the front offices.