UNITA Erasmus Blended Intensive

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According to the new Erasmus+ 2021-2027 programme and in order to pursue the experimental and innovative objectives set by UNITA - Universitas Montium Alliance, the University of Turin promotes and supports outgoing Erasmus+ blended intensive mobilities.


Erasmus Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) allow HEI students to carry out an internationalization experience that combines short-term physical mobility abroad with a compulsory virtual component in order to:

  • create more international learning opportunities
  • support the development of innovative learning and teaching methods
  • stimulate the construction of transnational and multidisciplinary courses.

The UNITA Erasmus BIPs aim to bring together groups of students from at least three higher education institutions belonging to the UNITA - Universitas Montium alliance.

Blended Intensive Programme Call – outgoing mobilities

The UNITA Erasmus Blended Intensive Programmes Call 2021 - First edition is now open.


The call is open to HEI students, enrolled in any field and cycle of studies (BA, MA, PhD), to carry out a short-term physical mobility abroad combined with a compulsory virtual component during their study path.


Application submission deadline

  • opening date: from the end of February 2022
  • closing date: see the update version of the Annex I - List of destinations and requirements. It is to be noted that Annex I is being updated. Therefore, it is necessary to visit this page regularly in order to be updated on the BIP Erasmus UNITA opportunities which will be gradually indicated in Annex I


Reference documents (English translation will be published as soon as it is available):

Ranking list

Selected students must send a communication via institutional e-mail at [email protected] within 5 days from the publication of the ranking list and confirm their acceptance or renounce. The deadline for the second window ranking list is on 11th May 2022, 12:00 a.m.

Blended Intensive Programme in UniTo

The University of Turin is organising between June and July 2022 two BIPs in Intercomprehension for Language for Specific Purposes and Renewable energy for the mountain territories.


To apply, fill in the form by 5th June 2022.


5 positions are available to UniTo students in each BIP: the first 5 students owning the participation requiments and registered to each BIP will be selected.

The students registered from position 6 onwards will be placed in waiting list and, in case a selected student refuses to participate, the students in waiting list will be admitted according to the registration order.


Students from one of the UNITA university partners who are interested in participating can apply through specific calls launched by their universities of origin.


Check the details of the BIPs, the dates and the admission requirements:

Intercomprehension for Language for Specific Purposes

Period and location:

  • physical mobility: 27/06/2022-01/07/2022 in Turin
  • virtual activity: June 2022 online (asynchronous activity)

Requirements: being enrolled at the University of Turin in a degree programme (Bachelor’s, Master’s, 5-year and 6-year single cycle).

Proficiency in one of the following languages: Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, to be confirmed when applying through the form.

ECTS issued: 4

Description: intercomprehension (IC) is the ability to understand each other by speaking one's own language: a communicative approach in which several languages belonging to the same linguistic family are used in parallel. IC enables the development of intercultural competence and the conscious use of individual linguistic heritage, fostering the creation of a shared European identity. Students of any discipline interested in multilingualism and the multicultural dimension can participate in. The programme combines:

  • a virtual learning component based on the plurilingual online course "Elementi di Intercomprensione", freely available on the [email protected] platform
  • an intensive week face to face lectures from 27th June to 1st July 2022, during which students will consolidate knowledge and skills developed during the online part.
Renewable energy for the mountain territories

Period and location:

  • physical mobility: 11th-15th July 2022 in Turin, Campus Luigi Einaudi
  • virtual activity: May-December 2022 online

Requirements: being enrolled in Master’s degree programme at the University of Turin.

Proficiency in English language corresponding to Level B2 according to the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages", to be proved through one of the following options:

  1. enrollment in an English-taught degree programme at the Unversity of Turin
  2. international certification of proficiency in English language corresponding to Level B2 according to the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  3. language proficiency statement in English (level B2) released by the University Language Center (CLA-UniTO).

ECTS issued: 3

Description: the Renewable Energy for the Mountain Territories BIP aims to provide basic information to renewable energies to be connected to the mountain territories. The BIP is held in English and combines a virtual learning component with an intensive face-to-face week. The program consits in a general introduction to renewable energies, an overview on the different energy production techniques (i.e. solar-photovoltaics, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, bio) and energy storage approaches (e.g. pumping, batteries, hydrogen as an energy carrier), as well as social aspects related to the development of energy communities.

The intensive face-to-face week will take place in Turin from 11th to 15th July 2022. During this period, guided visits to local renewable energy plants are planned.