How to get the calculation of contribution according to ISEE universitario

What is ISEE universitario and who can ask for it

ISEE (Indicator of equivalent economic situation) is a criterion to evaluate the family economic situation. 

You have to request an ISEE universitario in order to benefit from full-comprehensive contribution reduction if you are a student:

  • resident in Italy and you meet the independence requirements
  • resident in Italy and you do not meet the independence requirements, but your family members are resident in Italy
  • resident abroad, registered with AIRE and married to a citizen resident in Italy.


You cannot provide an ISEE universitario if you are a student:

  • resident abroad, unless:
    • you are registered with AIRE and married to a citizen resident in Italy


    • you are registered with AIRE and your family members are resident in Italy
  • resident in Italy, but you do not meet the independence requirements pursuant to art. 8 of DPCM 159/2013 as amended and your family members are resident abroad

In this case, you can choose to request a reduction for the full-comprehensive contribution due for enrollment on study courses of the academic year 2023-2024 based on the ISEE Parificato or based on the GDP per capita based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of the country in which you or your parents are resident. Please check the Tuition fees for international students section.

How to request ISEE universitario and obtain reductions/exemptions

Students who want to benefit from advantages offered by University must submit an application for the ISEE certification valid for supporting measures for the right to academic study (ISEE universitario).


Your ISEE universitario must report the following definition: "Si applica alle prestazioni agevolate per il diritto allo studio universitario in favore di: codice fiscale studente" (translated: “to be applied to social benefits for the right to academic study in favour of : fiscal code of the student”). The fiscal code of all the students of that family for whom it is intended to apply for the reduction must be included.


ISEE Universitario can be requested in two ways:

  • through the procedure available online from INPS website
  • by asking to a CAF (Fiscal Assistance Centre)

The University of Turin offers you an online service to facilitate the request of the ISEE Universitario, the ISEE Corrente and ISEE corrections.

This free service is dedicated to UniTo students with an account


With this completely online procedure, you will get your ISEE with the assistance of CAF Do.C. Spa (through telephone support and live chat/ticketing).


The service is meant only for students who still have to request their ISEE universitario for the a.y. 2023-2024. 


If you already have a valid ISEE universitario 2023, you do not need to ask for a new one, unless you need to update/correct it.

To join the service

Deadlines for the ISEE universitario request

In order to pay a contribution calculated according to your economic situation, you must request ISEE:

  • by 22nd November 2023: in order to get in time the right amount of the full-comprehensive contribution according to your economic situation and not to pay the penalty
  • from 23rd November 2023 to 22nd February 2024: by paying a penalty of 150.00 €.

You may need several weeks to get the ISEE, we invite you to submit your request at once.


The maximum amount of the full-comprehensive contribution will be applied:

  • if you do not ask for ISEE by 22nd February 2024
  • if your ISEE value is higher than 85,000 €.


For students enrolling for the first year of postgraduate degrees and completing the enrolment after 2nd November 2023, no penalty will be charged for request of ISEE Universitario carried out after 22nd November 2023.


However, these students must deliver the ISEEU by 22nd February 2024, otherwise they will pay the maximum amount due.


Students admitted to study courses with restricted number of places after 2nd November 2023 can request the ISEE universitario within 30 days after the admission without paying any penalty.


For the purposes of compliance with the deadlines, the date of submission of the DSU shown on the ISEE universitario certificate is considered to be the date of presentation.


The ISEE universitario 2024 will only be considered if you have not already applied for ISEE universitario 2023 by 31st December 2023.

ISEE Corrente (current ISEE) for meaningful changes of incomes

The full-comprehensive contribution due for a.y. 2023-2024 may be calculated on the basis of a valid ISEE Corrente (current ISEE).


ISEE Corrente can be requested by students whose family experiences a significant reduction of ISEE universitario, if the conditions pursuant to art. 9 of the D.P.C.M. 159-2013 apply. ISEE Corrente must refer exclusively to an ISEE Universitario required within the deadlines.


For further information please contact your CAF and consult art. 9 Decree of President of  the Council of Ministers, 5 December 2013, n.159.