How to get the calculation of contribution according to ISEE (financial situation certificate)

Information relating to the academic year 2019-2020 is currently being updated. Please consult this section frequently.

What is ISEE and how to calculate it

ISEE (indicator of equivalent economic situation) is a criterion to evaluate the family economic situation. It gives you the opportunity to take advantages of social benefits depending on the family economic situation.

How to request ISEE and obtain reductions/exemptions

Students who want to benefit from advantages foreseen by University must submit an application for the ISEE certification valid for supporting measures for the right to academic study.

Your ISEE must report the following definition: “to be applied to social benefits for the right to academic study in favour of : tax identification number of the student” . If in your family there are many people enrolled (or who want to enrol) at University, at the end of the definition your ISEE should list the tax identification numbers of all students in the family.

ISEE can be requested in two ways:

  • through the procedure available online from INPS web-site
  • by asking to a CAF (Fiscal Assistance Centre)


You may need several weeks to get the ISEE, we invite you to submit your request at once.

ISEE valid for social benefits for the right to academic study will be collected from INPS database. You do not need to hand it in at Sezione  Diritto allo Studio and you do not need to submit any application to University by an on-line procedure.

ISEE parificato for students with incomes and estates abroad

You must request a ISEE parificato:

  • If you are residing abroad
  • If you are residing in Italy, but you are not independent and your family resides abroad

ISEE parificato must be requested to a CAF (Fiscal Assistance Centre). You can get it for free at one CAF arranged with EDISU and UNITO. 


You may need several weeks to get the ISEE parificato, we invite you to submit your request at once.


In order to take advantage of the exemption/reductions of full-comprehensive contribution, you should bring ISEE parificato within the deadlines to Sezione Diritto allo Studio, along with an original copy of documents necessary to get the ISEE parificato.

Current ISEE for meaningful changes of incomes

If during the year, with a valid ISEE, your family experiences a significant reduction of ISEE, you can request a current ISEE (which validity is 2 months).

Current ISEE must be submitted, within the validity period, at Sezione Diritto allo Studio (Vicolo Benevello 3/ A- 10124 Torino.


For further information consult art. 9 Decree of President of  the Council of Ministers, 5 December 2013, n.159.

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