Postgraduate degrees

Titles required for enrolment
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In order to enrol in a postgraduate degree course,  you must have obtained an undergraduate degree or other foreign qualification recognised as suitable.


If you hold a foreign qualification, consult the indications on the page International degree seeking students. If you need support, contact the International Students Office.

Courses with free admission (without a restricted a number of places)

To enrol in a course without restricted number of places, see the full list of degree courses provided by the University of Turin. Consult the webpages related to the degree course, in order to verify the admission requirements.

​Read carefully, on the website of the degree course in which you are interested, how to verify your curricular requirements, in order to be able to enrol in the postgraduate degree course.

Courses with a restricted number of places

In order to enrol in a postgraduate degree with a restricted number of places (ex D.M. 270/2004), consult the study course website and verify the admission criteria required.