Enrolment on postgraduate degree programs (Laurea magistrale/specialistica) without a restricted a number of places

Academic year 2023-2024

If you want to enrol in a postgraduate degree course with free admission (ex D.M. 270/2004), you must consult the webpages related to the degree courses and/or department, in order to verify the required admission criteria.


​Read carefully on the website of the degree course how to verify the curricular requirements, in order to obtain the authorisation to enrol in a postgraduate degrees.

International students

Candidates holding a foreign qualification can consult the following webpage in order to obtain information on matriculation and on the documents to upload:

Register on

Register on the University portal to get your credentials (username and password) and to access the enrolment procedure. For registering, read the instructions. If you have previously registered at UniTo and you have already the access credentials, you do not need to do another registration: in case you forgot your credentials please contact the toll free number 800 098590 (Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 8:00 pm and Sat 8:00 am -1:00 pm) or get them through the service Password retrieval.

Preliminary admission application

The modalities to apply for preliminary admission are:

  • online: log in your MyUniTo and authenticate with the credentials (username and password) obtained after the registration at the portal, select "Pre-iscrizione ai corsi ad accesso libero" and fill out the form
  • on paper


Verify on the study courses and/or the Departments websites (degree courses and/ or Departments) the modalitites required for your degree course.

Instructions for study courses with online application
  • Apply for preliminary admission on the UniTo portal on the dates set by the study course. Log in MyUniTo with the credentials obtained: select "Iscrizioni"” and, eventually, "Pre-iscrizione ai corsi ad accesso libero" to continue the compilation of the online application.
  • Upload the documents required by the chosen course of study.

Students with disability may apply, while registering for preliminary admission, for specific aids during the test and/or additional time. For more information and support, please consult the webpage

Students with SLD (Specific Learning Disability) may apply, while registering for preliminary admission, for additional time equal to 30% to sit the exam. For more information and support, please consult the webpage

Print and keep possible reminders and/or e-mail confirmations released at the end of the preliminary admission application.

Instructions for study courses with application on paper

If the study course you are interested in expects applications to be on paper, you must submit to the relating didactic structure the preliminary admission application in hard copy. This application is due to be delivered according to the modalities and dates required by the single didactic structures.


Evaluation of admission applications
The didactic structures will evaluate the admission applications, submitted online or in hard copy and will communicate the results and the possible dates of the interviews needed to verify the candidate’s knowledge.

The admission application does not replace the enrolment procedure, but it is an essential part of it. For more information, consult the following websites or contact the representatives of each course.

Course enrolment
Fill in the application

Fill in the online application within the deadline (19th January 2024, 3:00 p.m.): log in the MyUniTo portal with your credentials (username and password). Eventually, select “Iscrizioni”, on top left, and, successively, “Immatricolazione” to continue the online application. During the compilation of the application, the following documents will have to be uploaded:

  • one photo that will be printed on your university smart card
  • photocopy of a valid identification document
  • photocopy of the tax identification number (codice fiscale).

See photo technical details.

Print your application

Print your application, check that your personal data is correct and sign the application.

Pay the first instalment of tuition fees

Pay the first instalment of the tuition fees by the fixed deadline. Consult the webpage Tuition fees for the payment modalities.

Attach the documents

Log in your MyUniTo and from the "Iscrizioni" menu select "Allegati carriera".

Attach, before the deadline set by the notice, the following documents:

  • application form filled and duly signed
  • other documents, if required by the degree course and by the admission notice.

If you are a student with certified disabilty in accordance with the art.3, par. 1, of the law 5th February 1992, n.104, or with a disability that equals or exceeds 50%, you will have to provide a suitable health certification to your students office.

Collect your smart card

If you do not have the smart card issued by the University of Turin yet, you will receive the collecting details by e-mail at the student's email address assigned to you at the time of matriculation. If you already hold a smart card, update it consulting the instructions provided on the relative webpage.