Recognition of academic qualifications

If  you hold an academic qualification awarded abroad and you would like to ask for a recognition of it, you have to submit an application form to Università degli Studi di Torino - Ufficio Studenti Stranieri e Traduzioni from 15th March to 30th April of each year by paying a fixed fee (which may vary yearly) and from 1st to 31st May of each year, by paying an additional amount.


A commission appointed yearly by each Department of our University  will consider your educational path and curriculum and will give you a written answer in 90 days

The evaluation procedure may either result in a total recognition (“equipollenza” – equivalence) of your academic title or in a partial recognition:
  • if you get a total recognition ("equipollenza" - equivalence) of your academic qualification, an Italian title is given to you, and you can ask the Student Registry Office of your Department to issue for you the degree certificate ("pergamena di laurea");
  • if you get a partial recognition of your academic qualification, you will be informed of the exams you still have to pass in order to gain the Italian title. In case you want to complete your academic career and gain the Italian title,  you can enrol with a shortening of course ("abbreviazione di corso")
  • if you get a partial recognition of your academic qualification and you would like to enrol on a first cycle degree with a  restricted number of places, you can be subject to an admission exam according to the decisions of each Department. If you pass this exam, you will be able to enrol, respecting the deadlines of announcements of competition.

Please have a careful look at the documents you need to produce for starting the administrative procedure, in order to obtain the recognition of foreign academic qualification, according to your situation:

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