Enrolment on Continuing education programs, Specialization Courses, Training Courses and Professional Updating

The lists of courses are available at the dedicated web pages:

Entry requirements for Continuing education programs

First level continuing education programs are addressed to people holding an undergraduate degree and you achieve a first level Continuing education program; second level continuing education programs are addressed to people holding a postgraduate degree or 5-year/6-year postgraduate degree and you achieve a second level Continuing education program. Both titles can be used in the same occupational sectors as first and second cycle degrees titles, by increasing  the occupational openings.


Holding a first level continuing education programs does not give you the possibility to go on with courses of the third cycle (such as for example PhD or Specialization Schools). Also holding a second level continuing education programs does not entitle you to access other courses of the third cycle. In fact, the entry requirement can not be a second level continuing education programs but a previous postgraduate degree or 5-year/6-year postgraduate degree programme.  A person holding only a second level continuing education programs can not take part in admission procedures for PhD or Specialization Schools.

How to enrol

To enroll on Master, Specializing, Training and Professional Updating Courses organized by this University you only need few steps:

  • registration at University portal
  • registration to the admission test/competition
  • matriculation

The detailed instructions are as follows. 

Privacy information

Please read carefully information for students pursuant to the art.13 of Italian legislative decree n°196/2003 “Personal Data Protection Code”, before starting the procedure.

Registration at University Portal

If you have already been a student at UniTO, also without concluding the degree course: you have already the credentials to access (username and passwod) and you do not need to register again.

If you have forgotten the credentials, please contact the free toll number 800098590 (from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m.). Otherwise fill in the on-line form.


If you have never been a student at UniTO, register as “Futuro studente” (prospective student), following the instructions.


After having inserted your data, the system sends automatically a first e-mail with a confirmation request for your registration: confirmation must take place in one hour from receiving the e-mail, by clicking on the link.  If you do not confirm within one hour, you must register again. After the confirmation, the system sends automatically a second e-mail with username and along with the password. which will allow you to access the MyUniTO.

Submission of the application form
  • Access the area MyUnito (Login).
  • Select the item “Iscrizioni”, which you can find in the upper left menu and afterwards the item “Test di ammissione” to go on with the online application form. During this phase you are required to fill in the personal data inserted during registration phase.
    You will get a pre-matriculation number.
  • If it is necessary to pay for the admission test, pay with MAV form or through pagoPA. 
    If you choose "Paga online con pagoPA" (a system for electronic payments, created to make any payment for the Public Administration easier, safer and clearer) read carefully the Guidelines to make your payments with pagoPA

If you hold a foreign qualification, please consult also the dedicated page to know the necessary documentation for the evaluation of the qualification: 


Access the area MyUnito (Login). Check if you passed, selecting “Iscrizioni” and afterwards the item “Test di ammissione”.

Consult the legenda of your status indicated at your position in the classification list. The result can be:

  • Not passed: wait for replacement as foreseen by the announcement of competition. Consult frequently your status on MyUniTO. 
    Please, remember that before each replacement, the classification list is suspended for one day long to update the data of remaining places. Party entitled can matriculate from 9.30 a.m. of the day after. The status does not change, if there are not places available: the classification list will be not available once places are reached.
  • Passed: confirm the on-line pre-enrolment.

Go to MyUnito again and select “Iscrizioni” and afterwards the item “Immatricolazione”, in order to fill in the on-line application form. You are required to insert the scan of pdf or jpeg of the following documents:

  • both-sided photocopy of a valid identification document
  • photocopy of your tax identification number  (codice fiscale).

After completing the on-line application, your status will change from “Ammesso" (Admitted) into “Preimmatricolato" (Pre-enrolled). Print the matriculation application, duly completed, and pay with MAV or through pagoPA, within the deadline and without any postponement. Payments with MAV, made out after 4 p.m. of each day, are accounted the next day. For this reason, payment made out with MAV after 4 p.m. of the deadline will be considered as done after the right deadline to confirm the matriculation.


If you are holder of a study grant or you are entitled to be exempted, before paying, please contact the Post-laurea section to the following address:  

Payment of University fees

After filling in the on-line application form, you status will change from "passed” to “pre-matriculated". Print out the on-line matriculation form and the MAV for the payment of tuition fees. Do the payment of due tuition fees.

The payment must not be delayed further than 4 p.m. of the closing date; after this expiration hour the payment will be dated as the following day, so after the allowed deadline to confirm the matriculation.


If you are holder of a study grant or you are entitled for an exemption, contact Sezione post laurea ( before printing the MAV out and paying it.

Online delivery of documentation

For the on-line delivery of the documentation, access with your credentials in the reserved area MyUniTO (login in the home page) and afterwards select from menu “Iscrizioni” the item “Allegati carriera” to upload only in .pdf format the matriculation application, duly signed, and the receipt of payment.

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