Call for interest “Butterfly Area” - Campus Città delle Scienze e dell’Ambiente



Join  the Butterfly Ecosystem and design with the University of Turin the “Butterfly Area”, the technological and research area, which inside the Campus will host companies and research centers.


Respond to the Call for interest.

Get your Organization to participate through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU):

On 8th July 2021, with the laying of the "foundation stone", the University of Turin started the construction of  the new Campus Città delle Scienze e dell’Ambiente which will welcome over 1,000 researchers and more than 10,000 students, to enhance innovation and knowledge in the agrifood, biotech, green chemistry, mobility, energy, environment, human and animal health, material sciences sectors. 


The Campus located in Piedmont, one of the Italian regions with the highest manufacturing specialization, represents one of the most important academic construction projects in recent years in our country. Within the Campus, the Butterfly Area will host companies, research organizations  and institutions that will be able to work side by side with researchers and students, set up joint laboratories, use pilot plants, access university research equipment and innovation services.


Watch the video on the project of the Campus Città delle Scienze e dell’Ambiente:

The Butterfly Area

The Butterfly Area today is an idea, with the vision to be designed together with those who will live and use it in the near future.

 The University of Turin owns the land intended for the Area, with a building permit already approved.

A preliminary construction project is underway. We will move on to the executive project developed also together with the Ecosystem of companies and institutions and the availability of funds.

 The construction of the area will be financed with public and private funds. The University of Turin has initiated discussions with potential public investors. Private, industrial and financial investors interested in the initiative will be able to enter discussion with the University on the feasibility.

The implementation roadmap will be developed upon availability of funds.

What the Butterfly Area will become and who will manage it

The Butterfly Area will be built inside the Campus Città delle Scienze e dell’Ambiente, on a dedicated area of ​​50,000 sqm.

It is intended for specific initiatives related to the economic development of companies, supported by higher education and research key competencies of the University of Turin, specifically focused on sustainability and circular economy.

It will host companies, research organizations and institutions that will be able to work side by side with researchers and students, set up joint laboratories, use pilot plants, access university research equipment and innovation services.

The University of Turin will establish a management body of the Butterfly Area, which will ensure a lean link with the institutions and companies of the Ecosystem, interested in the location and the services offered.

  • Access to human capital (students, young researchers, PhD)
  • Use of University research instruments for tests and experiments
  • Instruments and services of the Chemistry Lab of the Turin Chamber of commerce (on campus)
  • Commissioned research and experiments
  • Test bed on disruptive ideas
  • Joint Labs University-company
  • Experimentation pilot plants for new technologies
  • Private or public R&D centers location on campus
  • Technological showrooms location also for students access
  • Employees training
  • Close to market innovation
  • Innovation services for companies
What does it mean joining the Ecosystem of the Butterfly Area and what are the advantages

Participation in the Ecosystem does not have formal membership conditions or fees at this stage.

It will take place in two phases with specific features.

Year 1

  • you will meet the researchers of the Campus Città delle Scienze e dell’Ambiente and other companies and institutions of the Ecosystem
  • you will participate in the design of the Butterfly Area, giving voice to your proposals
  • you will be able to start the first research collaborations with the University of Turin.

Year 2

  • if interested, you will start preliminary negotiation with the University on location in the Butterfly Area.

To be part of it you are requested to:

  • express availability as an "interested party" to the Butterfly Area project, using the expression of interest form
  • actively participate with other companies and with our academic community in discussions aimed at designing what kind of innovation and research we will be able to jointly develop on the Campus.

By participating in the Ecosystem of the Butterfly Area, you will:

  • enter the short list of organizations interested in accessing services and locating in the Butterfly Area
  • start the first negotiations with the University for location on Campus
  • be constantly updated on the construction development project of the Butterfly Area
  • have an active role in proposing training, research topics and expected services for businesses
  • start the first contacts with the academic community and with students and get to know both the researchers and their research, to start, consolidate or expand collaborations, in view of the development of the Butterfly Area
  • create networks with other companies and organizations that are joining the Ecosystem
  • give visibility to your organization by promoting yourself as an "interested party" in the initiative.
Which are the organizations supporting the initiative

The University of Turin signed in 2021 a Memorandum of Understanding with Piedmont Region, Turin Metropolitan City, Municipality of Grugliasco, Turin Polytechnic, Turin Chamber of commerce for the development of the Campus “Città delle Scienze e dell’Ambiente”.

Together with the main local business associations, they support the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the Campus.

Main research drivers of the Departments of the Campus Città delle Scienze e dell’Ambiente
  • Agrifood: Precision Agriculture | Food safety and quality | Biotechnologies, "nature-inspired" fertilizers, biomasses | Food packaging
  • Environment: Resources and territories | Ecosystems monitoring | Atmospheres and waters | Pollution control | Toxic particulates | Cultural heritage
  • Sustainability: Green Chemistry | Sustainable energy | Advanced materials
  • Animal health: One health | Veterinary services | Animal husbandry | Pharmaceutical


More than 10,000 students and 1,000 researchers will study and work in the four Departments of “Città delle Scienze e dell’Ambiente”: