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Students (a.y. 2017-18)
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over  74,500 students

61% women

21% from outside Piedmont Region

over 4,400 international students 
(6% of total

Over 22,400 first-year students 
Just over 7% international students

Over 1,500 students enrolled on masters - 1st and 2nd level (a.y. 2016-17)

Over 1,000 PhD students (as of 31st December 2017) 

Teaching and learning (a.y. 2017-2018)
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67 first cycle degree

75 second cycle degree

9 one long cycle degree

49 first level masters

40 second level masters

32 PhD programmes (11 joint PhD/consortium)

10 specialisation courses

56 specialisation schools (2016-2017)

1 institute of Higher Studies: Scuola Studi Superiori (SSST) 

Graduates 2017
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about 12,600 graduates

over 7,150 first cycle and one long cycle degree graduates 

over 5,450 second cycle degree graduates

Graduate Employment Rate 2015 - 1 year after graduation
(Source: Almalaurea 2017 - ISTAT Workforce)

Total: 63.7% (national average 52.5%)

first cycle degree: 56.4% (national average 42.6%)

second cycle degree: 74.4% (national average 69.9%)

one long cycle degree: 69.6% (national average 56.3%) 

International networks (a.y. 2017-18)
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over 20 double degree programmes

over 600 international cooperation agreements with other universities

10 programmes fully in English

about 700 incoming Erasmus students

about 1,600  outgoing Erasmus students

Research and technology transfer (2017)
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about 600 projects presented in competitions 

22 registred patents (2015-17)

Over 7,300 academic publications  (2016)*

3rd in Italy with10 departments selected aby the Italian Ministry of Education, Universitiy and Research (MIUR) as "Dipartimenti di Eccellenza" (Departments of Excellence) 

about € 11 million earned through research and consultancy  activities (2016)*

* 2017 figures are currently being updated


Staff (as of 31st December 2017)
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Academic Staff

411 Professors

744 Associate Professors

727 Lecturers

Women 43%

Administrative Staff

1,764 a permanent employees

110 a fixed-term employees

Women 66.6%

Sustainability (2016)*
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Social sustainability  

Personalised tuition fee system

over 5,600 students receiving scholarships and other grants

€511,440 fund to support disabiled students or students with specific learning needs 

21,584 internships activated

Enviromental sustainability 

420,741 cubic meters: water consumption

314,983 Gigajoule: electric power consumption

491 Green courses 

over 1,100 Green publications

about 80% Green procurement (refer to APE-CAM criteria)**

*Source: Sustainability Report 2016-2017 

**Acquisti Pubblici Ecologici - Criteri Ambientali Minimi


International rankings (2017)
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3rd in Italy* and among the top 300 Universities worldwide, for ARWU Shangai

2nd in Italy  and 55th universities worldwide for Greenmetric universities sustainability ranking

7th in Italy and 224th universities worldwide for US News Best Global 

University Library System (2016)*
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22 libraries spread over 32 locations

Over  3,200 workstations for users

Over 2,900,000 volumes

About 19,000 new bibliographic acquisitions

About 185,000 online resources (e-journals, e-books, data bases, documents, reports)

About 17,000  active users

Over 693,000  visits to OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

About 120,000 local and interlibrary loans

* 2017 figures are currently being updated

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