PhD Thesis "En Co-tutelle" (doctorate in joint-supervision)

The Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI) has signed Joint Declarations on Bi-nationally Supervised Doctoral Thesis with FranceGermanySwitzerland and Spain. It is possible to set up a cotutelle agreement with other countries as well, on the basis of an international cooperation agreement with partner Universities.

How to establish a cotutelle

Any PhD student enrolled in a PhD Programme at UniTo or in a international university is eligible for a cotutelle agreement. Students should apply within the first year of enrolment. The procedure should be finalised within the first 18 months of enrolment to the PhD Programme.

PhD students will monitor the approval procedure together with the appropriate offices at both institutions. Students are required to get full information at the partner university appropriate office on how to apply and submit the required paperwork. 


Application procedure at UniTo
  • Obtain the initial approval of your current and potential thesis supervisor both at UniTO and at the partner University. You also need the approval of the PhD Programme Board at UniTO (ask your supervisor for information). For incoming PhD students, the Board will also officialise the assignment of the PhD Supervisor and determine in which PhD Programme cycle the students will be included, according to the time of enrolment at the partner university. 
  • Submit the following documents via email to International Relations Office at UniTO (see Contacts):
    • application form
    •  copy of id/passport and tax code
    • incoming students must provide a certificate of enrolment to PhD Programme at partner University.


 Once the agreement has been signed, incoming students will be officially enrolled and the cotutelle will be registered for both out-going and incoming students.  

Doctorate in joint-supervision with UNITA partners

UniTo is the coordinator of the UNITA Universitas Montium Alliance. In the pilot phase (2020-2023) of the project, 5 universities, along with UniTo, were part of the Alliance:


For the consolidation phase of the project (2023-2027), 7 universities were added:


Specific bilateral agreements have been signed with the partners for jointly-supervised doctoral thesis; the procedural process is therefore facilitated and simplified. In order to apply for a co-tutorship with UNITA partners candidates and professors are asked to contact the PhD coordinator and the International Relations and Development Cooperation Office, upon viewing the information above.