UniTo is a top European University

UniTo is one of Italy’s leading universities and rank in the most prominent international university rankings (THE, QS, ARWU Shanghai, US News), thanks to our success in scientific research.


The table below shows the updated results of UniTo in the most widely recognized overall rankings and in a specific ranking of the most sustainable universities:

How to read university rankings

There are many international rankings of the higher education institutions published every year. They differ widely in terms of methodological rigor, authority, media impact, and in the criteria they consider to select the "best" university.


Only about 5% of the world universities appear in these rankings, focused on research-intensive institutions measured with a single final score that should encompass all their complex reality.

This difference in the method of building the list explains why a university global standing varies a lot from ranking to ranking.


The rankings by subject better reflect the research quality of a university in a specific field, not having to adjust for all the big differences across disciplines. They are based on the scientific production, impact and, in some cases, reputation.

The most recent results
ARWU - Shanghai Rankings

Now published by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, it was the first world university ranking in 2003 and it lists the best research-intensive universities measured by their academic prestige (i.e. Nobel prize winners, most cited researchers, top scientific papers).

The University of Turin maintains its overall position in the 201-300 range. The subject rankings 2023 show UniTo’s excellence (top 100 in 5 subjects) in:

  • Business Administration (27th world rank, 1st in Italy)
  • Agricultural Sciences; Veterinary Sciences (51-75 world rank)
  • Food Science and Technology; Physics (76-100 world rank)
  • Medical Technology (101-150 world rank)
  • Biological Sciences; Dentistry & Oral Sciences;
  • Geography; Human biological Sciences; 
  • Management (151-200 world rank)
  • top 300 in other 8 subjects and top 400 in other 8.

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THE - Times Higher Education Rankings

The University is positioned in the 401-500 group in the global ranking published in October 2023 by the London-based Times Higher Education magazine, which examined 1900 universities worldwide. The THE world league table is based on indicators of university performance and resources in research (productivity, citations, influence, reputation, research income), knowledge transfer (research income from industry, patents), international appeal (international students, staff and collaboration in publications) and teaching environment, measured through a reputation survey among academics, the students to staff ratio, the number of PhDs and the available budget. The strongest dimension for UniTo is the research quality, where the University stands in the top 250 worldwide.

In the latest subject rankings the University of Turin is well represented in all the 10 fields it covers, with excellent results in Law (top 150). The other placements are:

  • top 300 in Business and Economics and in Clinical and Health
  • top 400 in Art and Humanities, Education, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Psychology
  • UniTo also appears in the subject tables of Computer Science and of Social Sciences.


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QS - Quacquarelli Symonds Rankings

The British QS Rankings are compiled using nine metrics of university performance and environment (student/teacher ratio, scientific publications in terms of citations, faculty reputation, employers’ reputation, graduate employability, international faculty, students and research network, sustainability).

In the latest edition published in June 2023 UniTo ranks 364 globally (out of 1500 institutions), thanks to its growing academic reputation (by which it ranks 213) and to its performance in the scientific impact of research. UniTo stands above average in the social and environmental impact of universities, where it ranks 123 worldwide, for the international research network (199 global rank), but also for the employment outcomes (236 globally and 4th in Italy).

In the specific ranking on Sustainability, published in December 2023, UniTo ranks 132 globally - 3rd in Italy - with scores above the median in all aspects considered: Governance (42nd worldwide, 1st Italy), Environmental impact (#143, 2nd Italy), Social impact (#229) especially with regards to promoting good health (#127).

Turin is viewed as 3rd Best Student City in Italy for studying and living abroad (in the world) consideringits affordability, desirability, employability and the opinions of current students.

Looking at the QS subject rankings 2023, the University appears in all broad field areas and in 21 subjects, ranking top 100 in 3 subjects and top 200 in other 2:

  • 146 global rank in Life Sciences and Medicine (top 70 in Veterinary Science; top 200 in Agriculture & Forestry)
  • 218 in Natural Sciences
  • 224 in Humanities (top 50 in Philosophy, first in Italy over the last three years; top 100 in Religious Studies)
  • 310 in Social Sciences and Management (top 200 in Education)
  • 301-350 in Computer Science

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US News - Best Global Universities

The University is ranked #209 in Best Global Universities, #85 in Europe. In this American ranking, schools are ranked according to their research performance across a set of indicators of excellence (publications, citations, collaboration) and to their academic reputation among peers.

UniTo is among the best 100 universities in the world in 6 subjects: Oncology (#50, 1st in Italy); Food Science and Technology (#53) and Agriculture Sciences (#68); Gastroenterology and Hepatology (#71); Space Science (#81); Plant and Animal Science (#86, 2nd in Italy) and it is top 200 in other 15 fields.

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The University of Turin is very concerned with sustainability issues and pursues actions to improve its environmental and social impact. Every year it provides information to GreenMetric, which evaluates the world's most sustainable universities asking them data and evidence on their green areas, smart buildings, electricity consumption, carbon footprint, water usage, waste management, transportation policies, budget for sustainability actions, studies, projects, and communication.

In the latest edition published in December 2023, UniTo ranks 18th in the world (out of more than 1100 institutions) and 3rd in Italy. UniTo gets the top score in the Education and Research section, which reflects the University’s efforts to spread awareness, knowledge and arise engagement and it improves in the sections Energy and Climate Change (score +125, 2nd in Italy), Waste (score +150) and Setting & Infrastructure.

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Research Quality Assessment (VQR)

The Research Quality Assessment (VQR) conducted by the Italian Agency ANVUR released in 2022 confirmed the University of Turin top position among public universities: it ranks third among large-sized universities for the quality of its research (indicator R1_2 evaluating products by all researchers), with Medicine as the strongest area. The results of this periodic evaluation are used for the allocation of State funds to Italian universities. Based on this assessment and the presentation of special projects, 8 UNITO Departments (4 in the Bio-Medicine field, 3 in Humanities and Social Sciences and 1 in Natural Sciences) have won the “Department of excellence” award and will receive an extra funding for the next 5 years by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

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National accreditation system

The national accreditation system of Italian universities and degree programs gave UniTo a "fully satisfactory" evaluation after the visit of 2015. At the end of 2023 the University will receive a second accreditation visit, during which its quality assurance process in teaching, in research, and in management will be checked to ensure they meet the European higher education standards.

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