The University Tutoring Service provides orientation and assistance to students throughout their studies. It helps them to participate actively in their own education and aims at removing obstacles to a beneficial attendance of courses. 


The Tutoring Service undertakes a long series of activities designed to assist students in getting the most out of their university experience. With close ties to the university’s Careers Advice Service, which works with students from the sixth form right up to their matriculation, the Tutoring Service specifically targets students who are enrolled on university courses. Each School has its own Tutoring Service, but all of these are co-ordinated centrally on a university-wide level. At the early stages of a student’s university career, the Tutoring Service serves to bridge the gap between secondary school and university, thus easing the often problematic transition to the kind of research and study required by the university.


However, the tutors’ function is not limited to welcoming students to the university. It will rather continue throughout their studies. As students progress through their university courses, they are less in need of information, but come to require an increasing degree of assistance with their studies. It is the role of tutors to follow students throughout their university careers, helping them to overcome any difficulties, improving the quality of their learning, to help them to develop study plans, to organise foreign stays and to take advantage of educational opportunities before and after their degree.


Tutors also seek to encourage part-time, working students to continue with their studies. Our tutors also work in close connection with the Job Placement Office, seeking to ease students’ access to the world of work.

Disciplinary tutoring

The University provides students with a disciplinary tutoring service, which plans a series of actions aimed, particularly, at increasing the number of credits acquired by first-year students and reducing the rate of drop-out.


The tutoring activities are provided through the online platform Tutorato online that can be accessed with personal credentials SCU (the same used for accessing the MyUniTO).


The educational platform, rich in content, is an useful tool for interacting with the tutor and allows us to offer a complete study support through different services:

  • consultation of the calendar for a face-to-face tutoring (the tutor meets the students in the classroom and is available to help students through exercises, interviews or deepening) and booking them;
  • booking an appointment for online tutoring (through a virtual meeting) in order to receive explanations on a specific topic;
  • the opportunity of connecting to online tutorials requested by other students, to listen to possible, interesting explanations;
  • a forum in which students can raise doubts and ask questions, with the answers of tutor;
  • the delivery of written questions, exercises or problems that will be analyzed, corrected and returned by the tutor;
  • the publication of review materials and exercises in preparation for the exam.

All students interested in the disciplinary tutoring 2018 are invited to use the service by connecting to the platform and registering for the course of tutoring, to receive information and updates regarding the service through their institutional mail account (

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