Communication assistants and Italian Sign Language (LIS) interpreters


The service is addressed to all the students with hearing impairment, to facilitate the communication with their mates and with all the roles present in the University.

Who carries out the service

The service is carried out by professional roles and is organised:

  • in the classroom, in co-presence of the teacher, in order to facilitate the dissemination of the educational contents and the evaluation, to carry out the educational path of such students, and to facilitate the socialisation and the university inclusion
  • while planning the different educational activities with the university offices
  • while preparing for the exams
  • during the exams.
How to request it

In order to request the service, fulfil the tutor request form/communication support (deaf students) at the beginning of each semester, sending it to the Office through email, to the address [email protected], at least 15 days before the start of the courses that you want to attend. An incomplete or belated form implies the impossibility to benefit from the service.

Further indications

With the same form you can also request a tutor. Consult the indications described on the webpage Peer-to-peer tutor for students with disability. ###LINK###