The SpidWiFi-UniTO network

Logo SpidWiFi-UniTO

This is the network accessing the University WiFi network using Spid credentials.

Who can use the service

All those with SPID credentials.

Access instructions

To connect to the SpidWifi-UniTO network, consult the support page for the instruction manuals,  available for each operating system.

Technical features
  • Technology: captive portal based on Zeroshell, which is a Linux distribution for servers and  embedded devices whose purpose is to provide the main network services
  • Security level: SPID Security Level 2 
  • Limitations: the browsing session is valid until 11.59 pm of each day after which time the  authentication procedure must be repeated.
User information and conditions
  • The person in charge of data processing is the Director of the Information Systems, Portal, E learning Department
  • The service is intended for teaching, scientific research and user support 
  • The logs that trace access are kept for 6 months. Access is recorded, stored on logs with the date,  time, the device from which you are browsing, the destination IP (this is a technical registration,  made automatically by the system). The data is accessible to system administrators and is consulted  only for specific issues regarding IT security or by specific request of public security authorities.