Students webmail service

The webmail service of the University of Turin is outsourced to Google Workspace for Education Plus and the benefits include:

  • each user will have a total of 50GB for all services provided on their account (Gmail, Drive, etc.)
  • new collaboration tools including Google Drive and Calendar
  • improved smartphones and tablet compatibility
  • a new email account as follows: [email protected].  Please note that “UsernameStudente” is the username you enter to access the online services.

If you reach the 50 GB limit:

  • Drive: you will not be able to synchronise or upload new files and you will not be able to create new files in Documents, Sheets, Presentations, Drawings and Google Forms. As long as you do not reduce the amount of storage space you use, neither you nor others will be able to edit or copy your affected files. Synchronisation between the Google Drive folder on your computer and My Drive will be interrupted
  • Photos: you will not be able to add more photos or videos, nor back them up
  • Gmail: you will still be able to send and receive email


To access the new UniTO EDU e-mail service, log in with the same credentials you already use for the other online services of

Access from mobile devices

If UniTo webmail cannot be accessed from mobile devices, please consult the instructions provided by Google (if your application/device is up to date, this problem should not occur).

IMAP/POP protocols are considered by Google to be less secure applications, so it is necessary to allow access to your mail account by following the instructions on the Google support page

What should you do?

  • Go to and enter your username in the format (e.g. 
  • Click on the left-hand column Accesso e Sicurezza (Access and Security) under App e siti collegati (Apps and Linked Sites). Enable the entry Consenti app meno sicure (Allow less secure apps) 

If you still find errors, you must carry out the Unlock Captcha procedure: log in with your user name in the format [email protected]

If on the previous system it was set forward to personal addresses, you must set it again because this configuration is not transferred.