Online thesis service

The University of Turin has activated the Online thesis service. A simple interface allows you to upload your thesis (bachelor degree, master’s degree, PhD) and any appendices online in a few easy steps.

To find out which departments have activated the service and to obtain the specific details for each department, consult  the relevant page:

Access the service and upload your thesis online.

General instructions for depositing your thesis online

To upload the file of your thesis and any appendices you must have  Internet access with an ADSL connection. Alternatively, you can use the workstations with Internet connection available in the different University buildings.


Follow the steps below to upload your thesis:

  1. access the service with your credentials (username and password to access MyUniTO and your university email address [email protected])
  2. following authentication select “Online Thesis Service”
  3. read the privacy statement and copyright, select the box “Confirm and accept”; continue by selecting “Continue”
  4. fill out the fields required
  5. upload the file of your thesis and any appendices
  6. print and store the receipt which confirms you have deposited your  thesis online.

It is essential that there are no interruptions during the uploading phase.


The file of the thesis must be uploaded in PDF format and it must not exceed 300 MB in size. To upload a larger file consult the guide.

Digital thesis depository

The digital copy of your thesis will be stored at the Student Services offices of the University, in accordance with the security measures provided for the personal privacy protection code, referred to in the Digital Administration Code (D.A.C.).


The digital copy can be consulted for specific administrative and scientific purposes, exclusively by authorised individuals, on the basis of the same rules which apply for the consultation of the paper copy. The title of the thesis and the abstract will be available for consultation on the University portal 90 days after they have been deposited online.


Before uploading your thesis, ensure that the content of the digital thesis is compliant with that of the thesis discussed with the degree commission. Periodic controls are carried out by the student services offices and/or by the relevant teaching department to verify the correctness of the uploaded file.

Assistance and support

Should you encounter any problems/anomalies not covered by the information and instructions available in this section you can request support:

  • if you have technical problems, send a ticket to the IT, Portal, E-Learning Department (authenticated with the same credentials used to access MyUniTo and your university email address).
  • for general information or administrative clarifications on depositing the thesis (format, specific rules, expiry dates, etc.) contact the relevant department.