The tutoring scheme covers a wide range of activities designed to help make university life more effective and productive. They include:

  • welcoming first years
  • helping students in their studies
  • advice on courses and study plans
  • support in finding information about international mobility programmes, scholarships at home and abroad, rights to study (scholarships, employment contracts) and compulsory internships

Check your course website or ask at your School’s tutoring helpdesks for more information.

Tutoring for first years

Tutoring is available for first years of degree courses and first level master courses and is designed to help students settle into their university life. Tutors aim to enable first years to take a proactive role in their own education and remove any obstacles to their having a profitable experience.

Tutors are high-performing students attending the same course as the first years.  They can help students to:

  • get more information about UniTO facilities
  • have support in dealing with teachers, university offices and the Student Enquiries office
  • receive guidance in deciding their study plans
  • receive information concerning logistics and administration

Check your course website or ask at your School’s tutoring helpdesks for more information.

Tutoring disciplines

The university provides discipline tutoring for students on specific subjects which is aimed at increasing the number of credits that first year students acquire as well as reducing the drop-out rate.

Tutoring is available via the On line tutoring platform which students can access using their personal ID (SCU), just as they do to access MyUniTO. This educational platform is rich in content and is a useful tool where you can interact with your tutor and access other wide reaching services, for example:

  • tutoring calendar so you can see when your tutor is meeting students and when he/she is available to help students with coursework exercises, admin and when to make an appointment
  • making an appointment for online tutoring (virtual meeting) to have explanations on a specific subject from the tutor
  • the chance to join an online tutoring session requested by other students and listen to the explanations on a given subject
  • a forum where students can post their doubts and ask questions for the tutor to answer;
  • posting questions, exercises or problems that will be answered and marked by the tutor;
  • the publication of material and exercises to revise in preparation for the exam.

All students interested in signing up to Discipline Tutoring 2018 are invited to log on to the On line tutoring platform and enrol in the tutoring that covers material in the course of their choice. They will then receive information and news at their ( address).

Students with learning or other disabilities

If you are a student with learning or other types of disability, you can use the tutoring services by going to the Disabled Student office. All contact details are on the relevant pages.


Passport.U is an online self-assessment activity designed to increase your soft skills:

  • it is available to all students enrolled at the University of Turin
  • it is compulsory for first years who have not passed TARM
  • It is advisable for everyone to improve their approach to studying and university life.

The platform has 12 units about different soft skills, with exercises, videos, readings, tools for reflection and self-assessment. You can access the platform once you have enrolled in the degree course, by logging in to MyUniTO Studente or Passport.U platform.

Tutoring helpdesks

For further information, contact the Orientation, Tutoring and Placement Delegates or go to your School/Department’s tutor helpdesks.


The Sports and Exercise (SUISM) course is available at the School of Natural Sciences and the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (SUSCOR) coursecan be found at the School of Human Sciences course.