Health and insurance

EU guest

Guests coming from EU countries  staying  in Italy more than 3 months, can access to health care supplied by "SSN- Servizio Sanitario Nazionale" (National Health Service).

To access to health care, the guest must go to a doctor  with identity papers and the original plus a copy of the European Health Insurance Card (TEAM).
A list of the doctors operating with the National Health Service is available at each "Azienda Sanitaria Locale (ASL)".
For period less than 3 months, in case of emergency, it is assured public assistance in every “Pronto Soccorso”.

NON-EU guest

Non-EU guests regularly staying in Italy can choose between two different health coverings:

  • public covering supplied by "SSN - Servizio Sanitario Nazionale" (National Health Service): it provides the access to full health coverage (included the possibility to choose a  doctor) upon payment of a fee per calendar year. Please note that the covering expires on 31st December
  • private insurance to be purchased directly from insurance companies.
Health care support service

EDISU Piemonte offers an information point  giving  support to access the  SSN -  Servizio Sanitario Nazionale - for people studying or working at the University of Turin.
At the information point and in all EDISU University dormitories you can find the list of the SSN’s doctors and the form to fill in to choose your doctor.

Accidents and liability insurance

International incoming students in mobility through Erasmus+ program or through a cooperation agreement bertween UniTo and the home University are insured by a policy protecting from the risks of accidents and liabilities.


International guests (Students, PhD students, professors and researchers) temporarily accessing the facilities of the University of Turin for study, research, working purposes must be insured at their own expenses by a policy protecting from the risks of accidents and liabilities.


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