The counseling service offers free assistance, provided by trained psychologists, to all students registered at the University who find themselves suffering from psychological disturbances. The assistance provided by our professional counselors will help students to understand what is going wrong in their thoughts and behaviours, thus enabling them to develop a more fruitful style of life and adjustment strategies which will guarantee them a higher level of well-being.


In this way, the individual can enhance their awareness and make more effective use of their own resources in responding to their needs and desires. Each individual program of counseling consists in a series of one-to-one meetings between the student and the psychologist, at an undisclosed location independent from the university faculties and departments.


The Counseling Service can also be of assistance to students going through difficulties in their interpersonal relationships or having problems integrating socially. Our counselors can help to clarify situations which are the source of stress and anxiety.

The counseling service is:

  • freely accessible: it is up to the student to take the initiative to request treatment
  • free, in order to avoid placing financial stress on students and increasing their dependency on their families
  • private, as privacy is essential if counseling is to be effective
  • off-site and independent from the university's departments, faculties, etc.