Law 6/2000

The law giving the title to this call was passed in order to sustain and spread scientific culture in its various aspects and promote Italy’s scientific and technological interests (law 6/2000).

Research areas: grants are available for the following research areas:
1) Mathematics 
2) Physics
3) Natural Sciences and applied technologies.

Eligibility: Universities, public agencies, academies, foundations, consortiums, associations and other public or private institutions aiming at the promotion of technical and scientific culture, the conservation of the environmental, historical, technological and industrial heritage in our country are eligible for funding under Legge 6/2000. Funding is provided for technical and scientific education, for the protection of the country’s natural, technological, industrial, historical and scientific heritage, as well as for raising social awareness of scientific research. 
Preference in funding will be given to projects co-sponsored by public and/or private institutions or school networks.